05/14/12 Triumphant Return


Remember Rikshaw Boans? Yes, we’ve begun book #3 of 3, so all of Chekov’s guns from book #1 and #2 will now begin to haunt you. 🙂

Ah, back in the saddle. Traveling is great, meeting you all is great, but it’s such a good feeling to be catching up again.

Now that Spacetralwer book#2 finally arrived, I’ve been working all week on packaging and shipping them, over half are out already. The PDF is almost done, will have it out shortly! I’m a one man show, so have patience! <3

Oh, and if you want to order one? Book #2 should be available at the TopatoCo store in the next week or two!

Also, while in Toronto, I hung out with Don (of Road Apples Almanac) and Brian, and one night for a writing/drawing/goofing-off exercise/game/diversion we drew three comics, each writing and drawing one panel of each. Don posted them over on his site (below the comic in the blog).

And also also also Jason Clarke did an awesome re-draw of the book #2 cover. Drew Struzan eat your heart out! You can also find this picture along with other guest art pieces on the Spacetrawler “fan art” page.


  1. metaphizzle

    This would appear to be evidence against my theory about Rickshaw Boanes being a double agent…

    I’m sure Interplanet Amity must have been hoping against hope that Rickshaw would return and lead them to victory. It figures that he would show up NOW of all times, and just turn things into even more of a clusterfrag.

  2. ronald

    Yeah, I never really bought into that whole Chekhov’s Gun thing. So there’s a rifle hanging on the wall. There could be LOTS of stuff hanging on the wall, that doesn’t mean any of it’s necessarily going to be important later. Personally, I don’t decorate my home under strictly utilitarian guidelines…

  3. Christopher

    @Biri, ha!

    @Ronald, I don’t think ALL guns from act one are used in act three. But, and maybe this is more from the writing perspective, if one is going to have an armada of fury, led by the leader of the now somewhat defunct liberation group and who is leading an army of easily manipulated tech gods, you can’t just have him show up. You kinda have to at least MENTION him in act one. 🙂

    @Herander, I know! And it was such an excellent theory. 😉 <3

  4. @Ronald: Here’s the thing about Checkhov’s gun: there may very well be a gun, but unless the author makes you focus your attention on it, even if it’s only for a split-second, it probably isn’t a Checkhov’s gun.

  5. JKCarroll

    Why do I get the feeling that Dimitri and Rikshaw will get along famously? Rikshaw will act like he’s leading the movement, and Dimitri will help Rikshaw maintain his belief system while Dimitri is actually getting things done in the proper way. All without spilling a drop.

    (Unless, of course, Dimitri’s glass has been a Checkhov’s gun all along, which, in one of the final scenes, will prove essential: Qwantoo reaches out an appendage, and tips the glass out of Dimitri’s hand, spilling the drink on the floor. At that point, the action becomes the space opera equivalent of The Battle of Kursk, which marked the beginning of Hitler’s retreat from the Soviet Union.)

    (I gotta mention this: if you get a chance to sit down for a long read, you MUST read “Last Citadel: A Novel of the Battle of Kursk.” It really makes clear the price that the Russians paid, and why they call it “The Great Patriotic War.”

    The climactic battle took place in a field of sunflowers. All the survivors agreed that the day was sparkling and the field was beautiful. Then the two armies set their tanks in motion and charged at each other through the sunflowers. The sunflowers were so tall and the field so thick that you had German and Soviet tanks pass within a meter of each other without realizing it, until they’d reached the other side of the field and had to turn around.

    In the end, all the sunflowers were ripped up and virtually every tank had been damaged or destroyed. It was so bad that to this day you still find pieces of metal in the field, which is easy to do because nothing, not even grass, has grown in that field since. And the Soviet line held. The next day, the Allies invaded Sicily, and the Nazis had to start pulling out forces to reinforce their southern flank.)

  6. Kathleen

    never underestimate eebs

    I’m really astounded, actually. why would they do that? why not just give him a regular greased light speed drive???

    this seems really improbable.

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