09/26/12 Human And Eeb History/Planet Uranus


Phew! Returning from a convention is often as hectic as getting ready for it. But I got the strip done with a couple hours to spare. Yay!

You know, for today’s strip I have to thank all of you for helping me. When I first revealed that Humans and Eebs shared common ancestry you all discussed it in intense detail, which was at terrific guidepost for writing it.

In other news, Cadfael and I sat in the backyard today, enjoying the sun and afternoon breeze. It’s very very relaxing listening to a cat walking through the first crisply dry fallen leaves.


  1. Nomi

    Typo alert: Panel 3… it’s “led” not “lead.” Panel 8… “MayBe” is missing its B.
    Panel 9, is that their spaceship? Is it really chiseled from rock? I guess it could be, if you are your own power drive.

  2. Night-Gaunt

    This is a double bonus. And interesting bit of funny exposition and it is funny. Or is it the other way around? So what could happen to humans who colonize planets just a bit different from Terra. I recall that in the books of Andrea Norton she had humans who had been mutated by their colony planets in interesting ways. Didn’t know telekinesis could do such a thing.

  3. Cool! The translation chip also does unit conversion! (I’ll be danged if the frenchman is actually thinking in US units)

    And Mr. Zorilla, the dark side is night. Come on, a rich, wise man like you should know that!

    Also, what the story doesn’t tell us is how many test ships they made where the proto-eebs died of asphyxiation, intolerance to 4-G forces, etc. etc. Or how many regular humans saw them. Finally an explanation for those flying-saucer-like petroglyphs!

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