10/29/12 Greeting Rikshaw


Nip it in the bud: what we’ve seen of Rickshaw Boans. And then on Wednesday we’ll be moving on to other characters. Wheee!

Don’t know anyone local yet, so our Halloween plans are sparse. I was considering dressing up as an empty “batteries and water” store shelf, the scariest thing I can think of, but I guess that would be a bit tasteless. Hope all of you in the NE (including me) weather Sandy well.

In memories of happier weather, last weekend we took the canoe and went to the water. Here is a final picture from our last canoeing of the season. Goodnight, autumn. Good morning Halloween, good food, friends, and cozy couches with cats.


  1. Muzhik

    Acting, my furry Irish derriere. Anyone who is any good at acting knows the skill involves pulling up actual emotions that you’ve stored up. Dimitri is so laid back it’s easy to forget that you don’t learn his level and skill in manipulation by sitting in front of a game console all day. He’s not acting — he’s just redirecting what he’s stored up.

  2. Corpore Metal

    Acting? Not entirely I think. I think we just saw a little of the darkness lurking in Dimitri, especially in that single frame of him just brooding for a moment before smiling and drinking with Red-9.

  3. You’ve never seen that episode? It’s great! “Not chess, Mr. Spock … poker.”

    I’ve moved around to a few different states, so I know what it’s like to be new in an area. What took you there – job prospects for one of you?

  4. Christopher

    @Sean_K, I’ve seen a lot of early Star Trek, but missed a few of the biggies (still haven’t seen Trouble with Tribbles either, if you can believe it). Regarding the move, my sweetie got a job out this way, plus we’d both been thinking about moving back New England way. Worked out well. 🙂

    @zb, I’m a strong believe in education. And keeping hydrated. 😉

  5. Night-Gaunt

    The “Corbomite Maneuver ” is also used at the end of “Deadly Years” when the Enterprise is surrounded by Romulans who just want to pound them into space dust. How about mining the area with tri-cobalt fusion bombs to mess up the attacking fleet? You’ve got to back up your talk as Fonzie told Richie. Big talk alone is just hot air.

    Part of war is not only planning, but with contingencies, but also how you fool your opponents. Also you making fewer mistakes than your enemy too.

  6. Caught up tonight by reading the past four months in two hours. For some reason Dimitri bent over in panel nine talking down to Rickhaw (presumably via a console-mounted mic) is now one of my favorite scenes. Great combination of emotion, dialogue and posture.
    P.S. You spelled his name “Rickshaw” in the first line of your post. 🙂

  7. Christopher

    Upon pondering, i wonder if this actually constitutes a Corbomite Maneuver. Because He’s mostly just making sure both sides think that each other is their own enemy. I mean, for Rikshaw, the Bollycks are going to be a real threat. And Dimitri saying that the Bollycks are only the first line of attack also has truth. The G.O.B., even though it has never been mentioned, surely has defenses. 🙂

  8. MinuteWalt

    @Christopher I’ve lived in Florida my whole life. Hurricanes are nothing to sneeze at, I’ve been through many. But don’t worry too much, and try not to let the news media freak you out.

    Prolonged power-outages are a great excuse for neighborhood barbeques (no power=grilling, and to keep the stuff in the fridge from spoiling, plus you’d make new local friends). You unfortunately may learn the misery of no one having coolers with bags of ice despite everyone having beer.

    I think the empty-shelves costume is a great idea… but maybe next year would be better.

    Sandy’s bad, but I’ve been through much worse, and I think you’re gonna do fine.

  9. zb

    Regarding Rikshaw, I’m wondering how well we the readers have gotten to know him, vs the fully-realized(ish) version who exists only in Chris’s head. In the few strips we’ve had dedicated to him, he seems to express the emotionally flat, unreasoning, obsessive behavior of a true zealot. This is exactly the sort of person who is *not* dissuaded by someone screaming at them, as Dimitri does here. If anything, they’d feel emboldened by it. So I’m both confused and intrigued by how this is going to play out.

  10. Muzhik

    @zb, this is where you find out who is the true zealot. If Rikshaw keeps coming, he’s a true zealot and the universe will be better for having his sub-atomic particles returned to interstellar void. Dimitri’s yelling is simply the line in the sand needed to separate the true believers from the true-ish believers.

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