12/09/12 Yuri Mediates


I considered titling this one “Herbicide” but didn’t want that to be a spoiler.

See the Kreill tag for previous strips. And Nogg’s fate to go on a dung ship to Glasthrea, the Mihrrghoot home planet, was first announced here, and then that was where he went.

A busy week. Since the move has been pretty much completed, I’ve been buckling down to get caught up on freelance and side projects. Good times.


  1. TB

    Heh. All the dandelions in my lawn do that “flop” thing when I bring the lawnmower out.

    I too am interested in the fate of the Eebs in this particular scene. Eeb power is telekinetic, but can it teleport? Are they floating in space inside a Yuri-generated shield, waiting for pickup?

    It’s slightly comforting that Yuri the Avenging Goddess of Death still needs a space helmet.

  2. Christopher

    Thanks, @zc! I have tried shirts, and so far have not been able to come up with a Spacetrawler design that sells enough to even break even. So, even though this one might be the ONE, I don’t think I’ll be treading that path. Thanks for the idea, though!

  3. Onigame

    “It’s slightly comforting that Yuri the Avenging Goddess of Death still needs a space helmet.”

    She clearly needs a space helmet … to talk, since humans talk by vibrating the air around and in them. No vibrating air in a helmet for the microphones to pick up means no one can hear you.

    Unclear if she needed the space helmet to survive.

  4. Muzhik

    re: killing the Eebs on the fertilizer transport: It’s quite possible that there weren’t any Eebs on that ship. “Our Eebs” could refer to all of the Eebs on Kreill’s home planet. Just sayin’

  5. Gillsing

    Funny thing I just noticed: In the fifth panel on the page after the one where Nogg’s ‘destiny of dung’ is announced, Kuu-Drahc responds to Yuri’s threat with “Red’s not your color.” She’s ever so defiant, isn’t she? πŸ˜‰

  6. Corpore Metal

    It’s not really that Yuri is getting scarier. She’s been scary ever since the first book. Yuri is going to offer the galaxy peace–the peace of unburied death. But I think she’s going to find that ending all disputes by killing both parties is not going to work very well in the long run.

  7. Jonesy

    Well, that was quick. There’s no time for reasoning if one can only zippedidoodah others out of existence. One strike and yoooooou’re out!

    I hope Yuri and eebs fight. It could be awesome to see.

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