12/12/12 The Lecture


All is well in my world. I’m reading Women and Soap Opera: A Study of Prime Time Soaps which is awesome. Strange what I find awesome. I like reading things which I learn writing techniques from. Sometimes i like to read a mystery’s solution before reading the mystery, so I can see how the author crafted it. Good times. For me at least. I’m also listening to The Passage which is surprisingly satisfying so far.

My girlfriend and I made Logan Bread, which was strangely good.

Last free model studio session until February. I may go to one or two non-free one between then and now, but we’ll see. Here’s from this week.


  1. Joal

    “He’d eat a salad” cracked me up, and it only got funnier from there. Loved the delight on Yuri’s face in the last panel especially.

    Minor note: in panel 9, I think it should say “when we were” rather than “when we we’re”.

  2. Christopher

    @Joal, @Jonesy, fixed! Thanks!

    @Brian, it also causes the runs. I think thank named a movie after it.

    @Joker, oddly I think that most American Humor has boiled down to all the variations of Schadenfreude due likely to our culture being based on competition rather than community. But that’s all just some crackpot humor theory.

  3. ronald


    Coincidentally enough re today’s general theme, according to X-Men #148 (2003) Wolverine himself once survived for six months under a glacier by eating strips off his own arm, since his healing factor grew the flesh right back. Probably didn’t have any bread with him, though.

    Letting Grant Morrison write X-Men was IMHO a GINORMOUS mistake from IMFHO which the team’s never really recovered — wiping out an entire nation right from the get-go, what was the DEAL with some British comic book writers in the 2000s, anyway? Why did they have to be so damned DEPRESSING about everything? — but thank heavens it’s all over now.

  4. zb

    Okay, serious question this time. If all it takes in this universe to become a nigh-invulnerable, flying, spaceworthy, spaceship-destroying, auto-orgasm-inducing badass dodgeball cyborg is to walk up to the nearest pack of Eebs and just ask… then why aren’t there thousands of them?

  5. Muzhik

    @zb, she got her Eeb powers after Dimitry and Emily went into the GOB ship to rescue her. At her request, in addition to building her the first set of cybernetic limbs, a piece of brain from an Eeb who died in the rescue attempt was implanted inside her.

    @TB, that’s better than my homemade bread. When it goes stale, it just gives a fuzzy green glow. Emphasis on “fuzzy”.

  6. Christopher

    @zb, well, I think the initial limbs were simply Eeb and medi-bot added. But she helped build/developed the rest slowly with her own insanity and a team of eebs along with her own eeb partial-brain. The red ball actually simply magnifies her slightly clamped eeb partial brain. I think I mentioned that somewhere not just in my head. I hope. 🙂

  7. zb

    @Christopher, Ah, so the red ball is a psi-amp. Thanks, that makes sense. I’m pretty sure it’s never been mentioned in-universe though. She just shows up with it in strip #204 (where it was noticeably smaller), and attributes her killing ability to being only slightly clamped.

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