12/17/12 Planet Neptune


///EDIT/// I originally wrote this strip about Uranus, having forgotten that I’d already done a strip on that planet, and so I changed it to now be about Neptune. Here’s the original version. ///EDIT///

Trying to think how to sum up this week. Work work have floor put in work unpack work clean work. I’ve already let some family know that this year I’ll be sending New Years cards rather than Holiday cards. I just ate a leftovers dinner almost warm directly out of the pot.

I’m not really complaining, just telling stories. This was my week. I also sold a new strip (and maybe a second) to MAD, the second half of another freelance job came in, and I’m just finishing up the coloring for a third tonight. Yup. Busy but I got to do what I love (comics!) and enjoy our new apartment and watch the snow. Tomorrow I’ve promised myself a day off. Heh. As much as I can.


  1. Muzhik

    In the last panel, I’m with Mr. Zorilla! Throw in some killer robots and you’ve got a story!

    And no, Yuri does NOT count as a killer robot. Killer cyborg, yes, but not a killer robot.

  2. Joal

    Hasty comment, Nogg. Hasty.

    I’m feeling simultaneously pleased and disturbed at how vividly I could hear Yuri’s dialog in panel three. I don’t even normally “hear” characters’ dialog.

    I now have this image of planet where each race uses its own distinct modem protocol. Instead of saying “hello” to each other, they start negotiating the protocol they will use for the conversation.

    beeeeep beeeep – kghshs ksgss kkkkk brrrrr kreeeeee kshhhhhhhhh

    The bad listeners use 1200/75.

    Okay I’ll stop now.

  3. Galane

    I still don’t know how/why Yuri has the red ball of blastfire for a hand. It was just there after Flineous cut her up. Suddenly! Red ball of burn!

    Rule of cool perhaps? Would be cooler if it was a red hand that morphed into a ball for blastation. “Ahhh! Crap! Not the ball!”

  4. Galane

    Don’t forget the v.90 ‘bong’ Would get “negotiated” down to 33.6 or 28.8 if the reply to the ‘bong’ didn’t come back clear enough, or at all.

    Auto-renegotiation? What a farce! I never had any dialup connection that would ever re-test and shift to a faster speed if possible. It was always stuck at the initially negotiated speed. If the connection got *worse* it’d slow to a crawl with tons of re-sends instead of shifting to a slower protocol which would’ve worked out to be faster.

    One of the saddest/sorriest tales in the dialup ISP era was PortMaster. Their PortMaster 3 and 4 systems were *capable* of v.92 and the company did some work on the firmware, but just decided, “Eh, whatev.” and laid off most of the staff, eventually the remaining parts inventory was scrapped a few years ago. They wouldn’t even release the firmware source, there *was* a dedicated PortMaster user community that was capable of finishing and maintaining a v.92 upgrade, but sadly, was not to be. πŸ™

    I’d love to have a PortMaster 4 cabinet. I’d convert into a nuke-survivable mini fridge. The things were built of heavy steel plate and *empty* required at least two people to put into a rack, preferably with a third person to get the first couple of screws in. I remember thinking, while installing one, “Hasn’t this company ever heard of ALUMINUM?!”.

  5. Gillsing

    I have a grammar question regarding the second panel: Shouldn’t “speaking it in” be either “telling it in”, or just “speaking in” without the “it”? Because you don’t “speak a story”, do you?

    And Uranus looks much prettier than its name might lead one to believe. Not even a hint of brown! πŸ˜€

  6. TB

    Is there some reason Nogg is taking the “scenic route” out of the Solar System? I take it he’s in no hurry to get anywhere. While some SF FTL drives require a long haul in normal space to get far enough out of a gravity well to activate them, I don’t think that’s part of this universe.

  7. Christopher

    @ErrorMaker, holy crap in a pee bucket! You’re right! Wow. Glaring mistake. I can’t believe I forgot I already did Uranus. Wow. Um. I might have to, hm. I don’t know how I’m going to fix that one. Damn.

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  9. VincentG

    Change the color a wee bit and call it Neptune. Of course, the narrative surrounding the mining will have to be adjusted; and astronomically speaking, there is all the chances that Neptune would be on the complete opposite side of its orbit from Uranus, but since this is some sort of grand tour, and the ship have high speed capacity, one can overlook the finer detail of celestial mechanics and assume they all are properly addressed.

  10. TB

    Judging by the amazing creativity in the strip so far, I don’t think you’d have much trouble coming up with a plot device to explain Nogg passing Uranus twice. I think he’s stalling, myself.

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