01/09/13 Negotiations Begin


I just ate the remainder of last night’s apple crumble. And forgot to have my late afternoon tea. I am sleepy now. So tragic. 😉

News? They finally filmed a giant squid. But the video won’t be released til later this month (I’m pretty excited), so for now you can just watch videos of them talking about it with footage of them killing other squids. Such pretty things, they say. Ah well.

Annnnd, If I were a younger man, I just might consider applying to go to Mars. But I’m not. hahahahaha!


  1. Patrick

    Potty-bot and the dithERkers: Sounds like a bad band, or a good detective agency. I imagine, though, that it’s a tender coming-of-age story where the gang learns to accept someone different as a member.

  2. MattStriker

    Classic case of mistaken assumptions. Qwahntoo THINKS he has the more dangerous opponent under control by threatening the weaker one.

    I believe he’s wrong on two counts:
    1.) That Emily is the more dangerous one, and
    2.) That he can get away with being this close to a Pierrot who just had all the right buttons pushed to send him into berserker mode :P.

  3. Muzhik

    This is proof positive that Qwahntoo is Russian. I refer you to exhibit 1, the book From Nyet to Da: Understanding the new Russia. In it it makes clear that, no matter how hard fought and well won a business agreement is, it’s only AFTER the contract has been signed that the REAL negotiations begin. NOW, of course, the Russian side knows what you consider valuable and what you really want.

    I think we all know what will happen: Dimitri will saunter in, drink in one hand, ray gun in the other, and a cynical smile on his face as he begins to negotiate for Pierrot’s life. The fact that he’s now the head of the GOB will just put another dollop of “WOW!” on the plate of “AWESOME!” that Qwahntoo is about to be served.

    Ooh! Ooh! Wait! Dimitri doesn’t walk in with a ray gun. He walks in with a Makarov!

  4. Bill Kamp

    Dmitri should be out of this one.

    Let Emily and Pierrot deal with this one.

    If possible and inside the character depth, Emily developing more brains, and Pierrot more strength (since he already has guts).

    Pierrot seems like the person most of us would be, the right thinking, wrong doing.

    Knows what to do, everyone thinks he is right, and still, never manages do succeed.

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