01/30/13 The Moronic Play Out


Playing around with various drawing software, exploring options for my next big strip. Wondering how I’m going to boil it down to just one idea! Busy with that, more book editing. Hoping the model drawing at the local community college starts up again soon. Where does the time go?

Comic Chameleon just announced that they’re inviting Beta Testers for their webcomic smartphone app (Spacetrawler will be one of those webcomics). If you want to be one, apply there, the link is at the top of the page.

Mannn, James Anderson does such lovely work over there on his webcomic “Ellie on PLanet X


  1. Joal

    Dimitri hardly needs huge amounts of externally granted power when he can read people as well as he can.

    I love Red-9’s completely relaxed response to the revelation that both of them could have died.

  2. KingInYellowTatters

    Calling it now. Christopher is writing Haldeyis out of the equation so the way will be clear for him to hook up Dimitri and Red-9. You just know he’s achin’ to get some human-eeb shipping going on. Heck. They’re almost certain to be sexually compatible, being such closely related species. πŸ˜›

  3. jediadept

    Dimitri has voluptuary tendencies; literary a Casanova (Casanovan?)
    Haldeyis is basically a barnacle, and needs to cling to ,what she believes to be, a consistent base.
    It was doomed from the start; if Haldeyis had not found a replacement (and moved on by her own volition), Dimitri would have eventually found one for Her (so he could).

  4. After all Dimitri went on about Haledavis being so “alien”, I’m surprised his gambit worked out at all!

    and yay! Ellie!

    @KingInYellowTaters: Where I’m from, that’s called “shipping” (though you do bring up an interesting point: Red 9 is probably the only girl Dimitri hasn’t checked sexual compatibility against)

  5. Muzhik

    @Frank, I’m not surprised the gambit worked. You’re thinking that Haledavis is alien. I submit that her being female means her thought processes, emotional responses, etc. would bear a strong consistency across species.

    (I submit that male reactions across species are also remarkably consistent, and can be summed up in three letters: S. E. X. Why else would approxiscans come with an app that gives the percentage of cross-species sexual compatibility? If the Blackberry 10 can come with an app like that, the company’s future will be set.)

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