02/04/13 Fallen In The Cause


Up late finishing the strip. A crazy week, I’m going to have to move my office again. Long story. But what would be the fun conquering the world without it having some hurdles?

Um. but it’s late. not sure what to blog about. Take a nice walk. Eat popcorn. Read Dr. McNinja.

And a reminder, I’ll be tabling at the Tucson Festival of Books March 9-10 at Tucson’s University of Arizona with an enormously talented group of woman who write Romance Novels. Check out who I’m tabling with!

Amber Scott – http://amberscottbooks.com
Amber Polo – http://amber@amberpolo.com
Belinda Boring – http://www.belindaboring.com/
Brenda Whiteside – http://brendawhiteside.com
Clarissa Ellison – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/shadowman-erin-kellison/1102991105
Deena Remiel – http://deenar116.wordpress.com/
Donna Hatch – http://donnahatch.com/
Erin Quinn (aka Erin Grady) – http://www.erinquinnbooks.com/
Gini Koch – http://www.ginikoch.com/
Kris Tualla – http://www.kristualla.com/
Lacey Weatherford – http://www.laceyweatherfordbooks.com/
Lynn Rush – http://lynnrush.com/
Michelle McKissack – http://www.michellemckissack.com/
Morgan Kearns – http://morgankearns.com/
R. Boschee – http://www.rebeccaboschee.com/books.htm
Sandra Lee Smith – http://sandraleesmith.com/
Sharon Hamilton – http://sharonhamiltonauthor.com/
Tami Vinson – http://www.tamivinson.com/
vijaya schartz – http://www.vijayaschartz.com/
wendy ely – http://www.wendyely.blogspot.com/


  1. Michael Lerner

    I’ll admit the first time I read the final bubble I thought it said “Economics.” As in “Economics is totally important.” (I.E. Desk jobs can be as important as the front-line). Heh.
    Glad to see the return of non-sleep deprived one-glass Dimitri.
    Plus… Award for Best Complement Ever?

  2. Christopher

    “An/y assistance” has been fixed!

    @Ada, I just need to find time to create a new non-holiday “Amazon” link to replace it first. But it’s on the list of things to do (and at least is relegated to the bottom dungeon of the page). 🙂

  3. CompaniaHill

    Hmm. Somehow, after watching Rickshaw set the tone in the first pages of story and then disappear for so long, I had expected Rickshaw to be more of a major player after he finally resurfaced. It’s almost anticlimactic to see him dispatched in a random panel. Oh well, c’est la guerre.

  4. Muzhik

    Sorry, it’s just that hearing his rhetoric, seeing how he died, and focusing on his skin color, all I can think of is:

    “Better dead than red”.

    And this has probably been brought up before, but…

    A long time ago in a web page far, far away, we first met Rikshaw liberating a bunch of eebs and taking off for places unknown. Did we ever find out what happened to those eebs? Will they fit into the storyline?

  5. I can’t believe it either, Dimitri. Hey, Rickshaw just took the knowledge of where he took those eebs he liberated to his grave!

    Gotta love ergonomic pirates (Hmm… that might not be a bad title for a book)

    A presentation quibble, Chris. You have Amber Polo’s URL shown with an ampersand in the middle (the link works fine, though)

    Lastly, I forget. Did Dimitri already tell the Bollycks he’s human?

  6. Dread Pirate Sokolov! Getting his Kirk on with the lady-oids, brilliant strategist, the life of the party, immune to stun gun fire, galactic patent holder on Russian tea cakes, billionaire, playbeing, champion of the oppressed everywhere and always favored by fortune it’s Space Pirate Captain Harlok–I mean–Sokolov!

    You know you’re all thinkin’ it!

    But I don’t know. I feel a sense of growing dread around Martina’s whereabouts and activities at this point. Maybe I feel an even bigger sense of dread about what Dustin is doing at this point!

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