03/06/13 Escaping Torniport


Gini Koch just posted an interview that she did with me over on her site. It includes a free Spacetrawler book#1 giveaway. Go give it a read!


So, yeah, my good friend Gini Koch invited me to join her and a group of Romance Novelists at the “Arizona Dreamin’” booth, and of course I said, “yes!” Duh. And so, it looks like a great festival and I adore Tucson. What more could one ask for?

So yes, find me here:

Tucson Festival of Books

Arizona Dreamin’ Romance Books
Booth number: #125-126, 131-132

This weekend, 9:00-5:00 March 9-10 at University of Arizona, Tucson.



  1. I also thought of “omnicide” – about 3 days too late. And immediately came up against Fred Saberhagen’s Berzerkers (long before any Terminators!) Or The Doctor’s nemesis Daleks.

    The bar scene may be more for those who want ‘a bit of the other’, rather than a couples bar; you go there for ‘some strange’, and like that joint on Tattooine, there’s certainly some strange to be found!

  2. Kathleen

    I remember then saying that the native people had bad fashion taste, and that’s why they weren’t classified as people. Man! Great continuity. I do have to say, I love that rainbow color. Goes well with the purple skin.

  3. ronald

    I’d forgotten that the excuse given for Tornites being considered non-sentient is that they’re horrible dressers. And here I was thinking how *cool* the Tornite’s outfit looks…

  4. Corpore Metal

    Actually Dustin, in his own vapid way, is partially right. His monumental stupidity is responsible for a lot of that blood, but personally, his own hands are mostly free of it.

    You know, sort of like a politician.

  5. Muzhik

    @Corpore Metal, I wish you hadn’t mentioned “Dustin” with “politician”. Now all I can think of is a T-shirt I saw that said

    “Vote Tyrion Lannister in 2012!
    ‘A Lannister Always Pays His Debts'”

    Now all I can think of his how Dustin would be as a vice-president…

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