03/27/13 Eeb Delivery


No Blog today. My brain is all fuzzy tired. Just drawrin’ and writin’

Enjoy the strip! -Christopher


  1. jamesalan

    If you guys knew about the Skrull cows then you should remember that anyone that drank their milk became Skrull-like much like the plot of Campbell’s “Who Goes There?” Do you suppose eating Furryites…

  2. Lord Morgue

    I thought for a second that Yuri’s chestplate was mimicing her facial expression, like Zeetha from Girl Genius’ headband does. Actually, Zeetha is an expie of Phil Foglio’s old Xxxenophile character Black Opal, who had a clasp that did the same thing.
    Notice Yuri is blocking her cat ears? I guess they actually work?

  3. Crestlinger

    Aliens seem hard-wired to Run in the face of even potential insanity. Same thing happened with Martina previously. A result of galactic communication, survival or both?

  4. heng

    dating service, torniport. i think that should be Yuri’s next stop… girl needs to relax!
    and . o O (note2self: stay away from girls who don’t enjoy a tasty furryte burger!)

  5. Andrew_C

    @Lord Morgue: it’s quite likely the ears do work, considering the amount of work she’s had done.

    Also, I love it that Yuri looks so cheerful. You just know someone’s going to have a bad day.

  6. Lord Morgue

    Hai Chris, any chance of some Technical Manual-style cutaways/schematics, like they do for Trek, Wars, and Who? You put so much work into your ships and drills and things and sometimes we hardly see them. And beside they make great filler when the Dreaded Deadline Doom is upon us.
    Ducts! Shunts! Converters! Duct shunt converters! Hobnostal defosticators! Retro-encabulators!

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