04/01/13 Small Reunion


Reuniting! It’s fun bringing people back together. Unifying a bit. 🙂

A travel note: I will NOT be making it to Convergence in Minneapolis this year. I am too overwhelmed with projects and difficult finances, and I had to pull out. But I LOVE that con, and fully intend to make it the following year.

Saturday was lovely. My girlfriend and I packed some tea and sandwiches and made the few hour drive up to Montreal. We spent the day doing nothing but walking til our legs fell off, enjoying the sun, the architecture, and the very sweet people we met. I love little day trips like that. No real plan, just to see new things. And eat sandwiches.


  1. Christopher

    Thanks for catching all that! How did I miss it? Yeek, I am lucky to have you all. Yuri’s red round hand is now on the correct hand in panels #1 and #11, and Martina’s right eye is brick-red again.

  2. Christopher

    @Ace, We crossed streams!

    Sadly, we went in several churches, but it was late when we past St Pat’s, and we didn’t. Not even sure it was open. Now that I know about the mosaics, maybe next time. 🙂

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