04/03/13 Martina’s Greeting


I have not been in a huge bloggy mood lately. Not sure why.

I guess I’m really overworked and a lot is in transition. Tucson was a bust (though a fun one), Minneapolis was Cancelled, Portland fell through. Been awaiting a possible contract that’s been under discussion since last June for a certain project, am gnashing my teeth to finish up edits to my novel to get it to my agent, and still am not sure what I’m going to replace Spacetrawler with when it ends probably early summer. Took a walk today, only to be cut short by the wind and cold and snow. Went to what I thought was a drawing class/group tonight, but nobody was there.

I’m in decent spirits, it’s not that. I guess I’m scattered. The only time I feel clarity is when actually writing/creating.

Maybe I will go make cookies. THAT is an AWESOME idea.


  1. John P

    Oh man, I really like how you’ve developed Krep. He’s showing empathy, and he’s softening, but you haven’t sacrificed his voice to show us that. Great stuff, keep it up!

  2. AnotherOpinin

    Just Monday you blogged about a day trip to Montreal with your sweetie, tea, and sandwhiches, and today you are a bit bummed because a few things either didn’t go as expected or are up in the air. You have it SO good! Many other people would trade places with you.

    Worst comes to worse, find a short story in the spacetrawler universe to share and add that as a spacer (heh). I’m sure we’d like to know more background about the major characters, or even the Dusty alternate that got missed. Or, how about an alternate timeline where that competent alternate got chosen. How would he do in space?

  3. Christopher

    @AnotherOpinin, just sayin’: your comment kinda invalidates my emotions. Although perhaps I shouldn’t have put my emotions out there in the first place for comment (plus, without really knowing me well, there is lack of proper context).

    Anyhow, I’m guessing your intent was good, so, thank you. And just so you know, I’m feeling better today.

    I would love to add more content, but I work long hours simply to keep up with the strip and it’s level of quality.

  4. WellWellWell

    “The only time I feel clarity is when actually writing/creating. ”

    I kinda envy you – except the part where envy is a quite universal sin – you found somethingto find clarity with.

    Youll get there.
    Another inspiration will hit your brain just when you need it.
    Alway does with artists, though most dont see it that way.

  5. M.A.

    I think I’d like a few hugely destructive weapon implants too, just, you know, in case…

    Christopher — have you tried just sitting down for awhile with a really good book? It might give you something fun to think about while your head reboots, and it could spark some new ideas.

  6. jamesalan

    Dear Mr Baldwin: Find a place that is dark, gloomy and cold (under a bridge over a polluted river is a good choice.) Sit there for as long as you can stand it then a little longer. Go home, warm up, drink hot tea, eat a cookie and listen to good music with somebody. It’s traumatic to be forty BUT you have everything to appreciate. Sorry…just venting.

  7. War Pig

    Hey, the blues creep up on us all from time to time. I’ll cut Chris B. a break. Even billionaires, they say, get the blues. He does provide us with a free, greatly entertaining way for me to shake the occasional bout of the blues.

    I appreciate the long-suffering and psychically damaged Martina and the contrast between her and the manic mass-murderer, Yuri.

    I have a feeling that poor, old, long-suffering Krep is not done suffering yet, either. Since Yuri and Dimitri once shared a bed, maybe he can bring her back to near-normalcy. Poor Martina, I fear, may be beyond help and is just trying to right any wrongs she unwittingly created before checking out, herself. To sad to even want to live without her caterpillar lover, Luunock.

  8. TB

    I’m a little confused about something. If the Eebs are after Martina, is there any particular reason they have to get within miles of her (and the Furryites) to kill her once they know her location? They’ve been routinely nuking entire planets from deep space for a while now.

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