04/08/13 Arranging Sanctuary


I drew a fill-in strip for the brilliantly disturbingly funny Alan Ryan of “Faraday the Blob.” You can read my fill-in here (before going on to trawl the archives).

You may remember Alan’s work from when HE filled in for ME back in mid 2011 with his Spacetrawler strip Planet Wrlrlrl. Great stuff.

Regarding last week: sorry for my moaning and groaning last week. I’m feeling much better.

On a curiosity note: some of you were suggesting ways to get my brain going to come up with ideas for my next project, but the problem is not the lack of ideas, I have several. The problem is figuring out which one is going to be the best one and which direction to develop it in. Which is fun, but sometimes frustrating due to lack of time to spend on it.


  1. Crankenstein

    Ok, so based on what Yuri has said about the weight of her limbs, does this mean that furryites are incredibly strong? The one dangling Yuri upside down in panel 5 is holding the equivalent of at least two (and maybe four) volkswagons up with one arm…

  2. Christopher

    @Crankenstein, I was thinking that COMBINED her limbs weigh about as much as a VW, but I didn’t want to weigh down the dialogue to make sure people knew because the takeway point was: her limbs way a frikkin’ lot. Oh, and, yes, ites/furryites are mighty strong.

  3. Andrew_C

    I know she’s crazy as a loon, psychophysically damaged and will probably come to a tragic end, but lately Yuri’s been making me grin link a madman with her every appearance.

    Also, apparently the last model Beetle weighed 810 kg.

  4. Andrew_C

    And yet more useless information – the latest model New Beetle weighs up to 1810 kg, fully kitted out with all the mod cons and with a Turbo Diesel engine. I can can get a bit obsessive with these things.

  5. TB

    Now, if we wanted to be really annoying, we could scour the entire series to find places where Cyborg Yuri is walking, sitting, or standing on something which makes it obvious she doesn’t weigh any more than a regular human.

    Heck, it’s not like Christopher is handing out No-Prizes.

  6. Corpore Metal

    Yeah, actually Martina is being way patronizing here. Yuri has issues yeah, but that doesn’t give Martina the freedom to essentially plan Yuri’s life out like that.

  7. Andrew_C

    Well, I’m pretty sure the seats in space are designed to hold really heavy creatures as well as light ones in equal comfort, so that won’t tell you much, and Yuri could also be using some development of the tech they use for artificial gravity to assist the chassis reinforcement. It wouldn’t surprise me if she had some sort of gravity manipulation weapon because they are awesome and terrifying (see Schlock Mercenary). Maybe that’s what the Red Ball of Doom is?

  8. Night-Gaunt

    Yuri would have to have additional bionics to be able to life and use her weapons as well as just walk around. Sitting could be a problem too unless her butt and spine are also reinforced.

    Every read Keith Laumer’s “A Plague of Demons” about aliens on earth? The protagonist gets out fitted with PAPA, bionically reinforced. He weighs 357 lbs after the surgery, but has to keep from bouncing around like a rubber ball because of his enhanced strength.

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