05/06/13 Post Galaxy Saving Drinking


The kitten is doing okay. Still fighting a URI. Looking forward to in a week-and-a-half, the kitten will be old enough to get FIV tested, and then we can introduce her to the other cats.

And I’ve been meaning to say, thank you for all the kind words about adopting! My girlfriend and I have 5 cats (Babette, the kitten, if #5) and they’re all adopted. For those unaware, animal shelters in the US have to euthanize about 3-4 million animals each year because they were not adopted. So if you’re thinking of buying an animal in a pet-store or from a breeder, please don’t. Love is more important then breed.

I have not yet seen Iron Man 3, and not sure if I’ll get the chance, but I hear it is very very good. And I did an Iron Man doodle for my doodle group.


  1. Draxxic

    Hey. I LOVE the comic. More importantly, however, are your kitten posts. I have 7 between what my parents still have, and between my girlfriend and myself. ALL of them are shelter adopted(1), or found as kittens out near roads, and saved. I agree totally. Love is stronger than breed by far. Keep up the good work on both kitties and comics!

  2. Elaborate

    I’m guessing something on the order of 200% – which is to say, way better than a human-human or Eeb-Eeb pairing could possibly be.
    Then again, we haven’t seen the compatibibility rating of humans, so it’s possible the rating is not in percentage of human-human compatibility, but something like percentage of best possible partner.

  3. Long Time Lurker

    Frankly, I’m surprised there wasn’t a reveal that they had already done it.
    Right after Carpsellon was torched, for comfort, would have fit.

    Instead “you are like a child to me.” Then what about Shuar, who is much more child-like and childish than Red-9? Maybe Dmitri means Red-9 is just too neotenous for him. It would fit Red-9’s comment on the matter.

  4. Christopher

    @Mummpizz, thanks!
    @KarlMonster, in the 2nd-to-last panel, I DID almost give Red-9 a “doink” 😉
    @Ronald, they have mouths, they are just hard to see. Thus, she is drinking in today’s strip. (that’s my excuse, and I’m stickin’ to it!)
    @Long_Time_Lurker, that would have been another excellent way of doing it! But I chose this way. And you gotta remember that Dimitri spent book #1 around a lot of eebs with zero willpower, which means all he’d have to say is “sleep with me” and that’d be it. He also was saving them, taking on a very protective parental role. And so he adjusted his brain to not think of them as sexual. The fact that they’re the size of children only reinforced that. Oh, and I’d say that Shuar was young, but I always viewed her of being of consent age.

  5. holy crap Dimitri has been working closely with a woman for HOW LONG and has not tried to boink her?

    I am hoping that the question of whether or not Dimitri and Red-9 do it between this page and the next time they show up remains COMPLETELY UNANSWERED. Every story needs a few unanswered questions and this feels like it could be a really, really good choice for Spacetrawler’s IMHO. Unless of course you have some really funny jokes or a crazy plot twist planned that hangs on us knowing whether or not they get busy…

  6. Christopher

    @Rana, it’s an approxiscan, which does scans, info, communication, etc. Dimitri has often used it to get the percentage of cross-species sexual compatibility.

  7. Galane

    Need more cats? I have a female orange tabby about 6 months old and a male “Heinz 57” polydactyl with 7 toes on each front foot, about a year old.

    People keep dumping cats here and they won’t leave except when I can catch them in a trap and call animal control to take them to the pound. There’s only two cats that get to stay here, a neutered orange Maine coon and a male orange tabby.

  8. jenny

    if you call animal control for strays, they often will just die in shelters. Best to take them in if you can or leave them be, feed them, and look for a cheap sterilization for catch & release.

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