05/08/13 Leaving The G.O.B.


Yup! If you have an iphone, there is a new FREE app for reading some awesome webcomics (below) on the go including SPACETRAWLER. Check them out at Comic Chameleon.

A Softer World
Joey Comeau and Emily Horne

Alien Loves Predator
Bernie Hou

Amazing Super Powers
Wes and Tony

Bad Machinëry
John Allison

Book of Biff, The
Chris Hallbeck

Boxer Hockey
Tyson Hesse

Kris Straub

Raynato Castro and Alex Culang

Cat and Girl
Dorothy Gambrell

Kris Straub

Dinosaur Comics
Ryan North

Dumbing of Age
David Willis

Girls with Slingshots
Danielle Corsetto

Hijinks Ensue
Joel Watson

Anthony Clark

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella
Justin Pierce

Jeffrey Rowland

Questionable Content
Jeph Jacques

Sam and Fuzzy
Sam Logan

Scenes From a Multiverse
Jon Rosenberg

Christopher Baldwin

Three Panel Soul
Matthew Boyd and Ian McConville

Wasted Talent
Angela Melick

David Malki !

Randall Munroe


  1. Pete

    So Red-9 is pregnant, right?
    Also, what persona is King going to play? Dumb Mihrrgoot, and keep the smart Mihrrgoot thing secret? I guess he’s smart enough to do that and still be competent administrator.

  2. Christopher

    @Dude, I considered splitting it into two strips. Two strips felt like they bogged it down with unneeded filler dialogue, and one strip did seem a tad hurried, and so I chose.
    @Vgoudreault, that is incorrect. Here is where they previously left her garage, and traveled a short bit to the G.O.B.

  3. Elaine

    Dimitri – if you wake up buck naked next to a woman and you cannot remember if anything happened – that is not “making love”. That’s fucking.

    Whether or not that’s better or worse that making love is an individual judgement call.

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