06/24/13 Star Perspective


2013-06-23-spacetrawler4sdgs2 copy

For the bonus strip today, do you remember Kuu-Drahc (the Apex Speaker) and Growp (his bodyguard)? Of course you do.

Had writing group. A couple of old friends stopped to visit on their way to Montreal. Friday I went “Plein Air” painting with my friends again. Good conversation, beautiful surroundings, that a good day and a good weekend.


  1. Yes! More Growp! You know, these bonus strips could very easily become a long-running comic (hint hint)

    And finally! the mysterious draak sim

    Before I head to bed (it’s 1 am as I write this) let me just express my envy at the natural beauty you are able to find to paint. Ahem. *envious look* There. Good night, everybody!

  2. CompaniaHill

    Maybe because of the natural differential between the two universes that causes the Draak-Sim’s inexorable rotation, Dimitri will attach a collector to the gate and generate free energy for both universes. His tea-cookie fortune won’t last forever, ya know.

  3. Reflections, especially in _still_ water, are likely the most difficult. It’s not just a mirror, and the perspective of the reflected image is awkward to simulate, and the division of the shoreline worse!
    Nice job, though I’d started thinking a hint of the light values on the ripples/waves would be a _touch_ darker. (But looking again, just right! Quibble from a non-artist fan… with watercolorist wife.)

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