06/26/13 Dimitri’s Sojourn


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I did a guest strip for Chris Hallbeck and his comic “Minimumble,” and it posted yesterday. He’s moving and so hopefully a little relief will help him through it.

My painter friends and I did another plein air painting day, only it wasn’t a full day, more like 3 hours, and so I just whipped out a silly little painting, almost more of a sketch. But it’s fun, so I’m sharing it.


  1. Erik

    If this is not the best “innuendo” for a spin-off story featuring Dimitri in another universe, then I do not know what this is. That would truly be something to look forward to. Chapeau, Christopher!

  2. The Geek

    Hey, I noticed – his shirt changed color and his hair is grayer.

    The color might have just been flipped the other way, but it might have changed too.

    Wow, oxygenated mucous …. you don’t have to breath with your ears anymore!

    == The Geek ==

  3. Nomi

    On the hopeful possibility that these little extra comix will make it into the back of the book, a couple of edits: 1. dacha not datcha 2. tea cookies, as ABQJohn sez.

    I didn’t notice his grey hair either!

  4. Christopher

    @Erik, thanks! I have no plans to, but I like the leave the door open. 😉
    @ABQJohn, oop, right you are. Fixed!
    @Givesgoodemail, Ha! indeed. There’s some overlapping truths in that observation, but not with a capital “T.” 🙂
    @Nomi, Another! Thanks! Fixed!

  5. Galane

    The painting by John Singer Sargent of Claude Monet painting a painting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/En_plein_air has given me an idea.

    Think of a video camera pointed at its own monitor. You get the image of the monitor repeated within itself over and over.

    Now do that with a series of painters in a row. The first one is doing a painting, the second is painting a painting of the first one and what he’s painting, the third paints the second and what she’s painting…. The representations of the paintings within the paintings take the place of the video monitors.

    A set like that would be just the thing some art gallery would love to exhibit.

  6. ronald

    I’m reminded of something I often wondered about DS9: When a wormhole opens, what do the people BEHIND or TO THE SIDES of the area where the wormhole opened see? What’s the back of a hole look like?

  7. Christopher

    @Galane, that was actually simply me not thinking through it. It should have FOUR blades, because it CAN be closed. I will probably dig back in and change it since here it obviously shows there are only 3.

  8. db

    wellwellwell: or more to the point, why do both look like everything at http://badmile.com/
    and more to the point; why do we never see tom walker and christopher baldwin together?
    is walker baldwin? is chris superman?

    ronald; vonnegut would probably have said it liiks like this: *

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