07/24/13 Yuri Sends Help


Yup! The final book in the Spacetrawler series is winding down and I’m ramping up to print it!

And so I’ve launched a Kickstarter to do pre-orders to fund it! I hope you like it! -Christopher


  1. Heph

    … does being near Furry-ites inhibit justins stupity to? One time is a fluke but WHAT THE HELL he comes over like an decent Human being. Its almost as if he had Character-development.

  2. Private Nickel

    Oh gee, I sure hope no one forgets about that knife that was hidden by a whole buncha speech boxes, currently held up with telekinesis, when the telekinesis is shut off. I sure doooooo.

  3. Seth

    Private Nickel: It’s only a few inches above Martina’s head. It’ll undoubtedly give her a cut when it drops, but it’s not going to do any serious damage. That’s definitely preferable to letting the eebs keep their telekinesis.

  4. Nomi

    @Christopher, so these arresting officers are really really behind the times? They haven’t heard that Shaix was succeeded by Dimitri, then King? Does this have anything to do with Dimitri shutting down the draak-sim … wait, no, that’s either not canon, or in the future, or both… argh.

  5. oh god oh god oh god. Christopher you have done an amazing job of creating characters that I really care about. Considering what the mad eebs have already done to Martina, having the knife descend may be the kindest thing. oh god. Also, just pledged as well. Must have a complete set.

  6. dkkauwe

    okay…so i totally came to read today’s update with the following thought, “i’m going to post a comment saying, ‘if i’m ever feeling grand or anything, i’ll just come read this part where Martina is being horrifically tortured to death and the sheer atrocity of her suffering will surely sober me,’ and then i find this!

    well played Christopher, well played, i was totally expecting more Martina torture but no! no! you have to go a throw this curve ball!

  7. Christopher

    @Nomi, well, it wasn’t really all that long ago that Dimitri took power. A lot of these storylines somewhat overlap, and it’s pretty lax about exact times of things. But yes, they have essentially not gotten the memo yet.
    @Susan thank you, <3
    Dkkauwe, well, the goal was never to make her suffer, but she must have difficult hurdles. 🙂

  8. My money. Shut up and take it.

    Actually wait don’t shut up, I have a question. I have book 1 but managed to let book 2 slip by me – can I add some bucks on to my pledge and get a copy of that too?

    Good luck; looking forwards to the next project!

  9. Christopher

    @Egypt, I’ll email you on this. But yes, of course! 🙂
    @Jamesalan, @KQY is right on that one. I rewrote it a dozen times and this was the best i could come up with (but still might tweak it). basically the crap back roars in defiance against being called reasonable, and it also has halitosis. 🙂

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