07/29/13 Krep’s Run


///On this update, I originally posted today’s strip over on my Kickstarter page. The image I posed HERE is this one.///

Yup! The final book in the Spacetrawler series is winding down and I’m ramping up to print it!

And so I’ve launched a Kickstarter to do pre-orders to fund it! I hope you like it! -Christopher


  1. Muzhik

    Gee… yeah… You know, that’s the best imitation of Tom Servo I’ve seen in a long time.

    (Unless you’re supposed to be Crow T. Robot, in which case it’s only so-so…)

  2. Jryk

    Have thoroughly enjoyed the comic ALL Along, crazy to be near the end~ BUt nice work and well done !
    One Q though? I think you should reread the advert you posted to direct folks to the KS page. You call your next book both #2 and #3- mixed signals there! 🙂
    Rock On Dude!

  3. Christopher

    @Coyoty, hee hee hee! 🙂

    @Muzhik, I actually did a MST2K parody in my experimental comic “Shep Types” where a character from my month-long (shooting for syndication) strip “Shepherd & May” dissects his own strip. Strange, but fun!

    @JRYK, thanks! Fixed! (@Wood, book #3!)

    @Herandar, @Joal is correct, it is supposed to be 2013 like the others. Once even one person purchases at a level at KS, they won’t let you edit that level. I wrote them, they were not flexible on that point. Le sigh.

  4. Oh my god this is an awesome idea for a way to funnel people to your KS campaign. I would totally steal it for the one I’ll be doing soon if not for the fact that my pages are way too wide to fit into the layout and still be legible. Brilliant, man.

  5. Seymour


    The Kickstarter description of the project begins with “Spacetrawler is coming to close after…” I think you meant “Spacetrawler is coming to *a* close after…” Thanks for Spacetrawler. I’ve loved it. I’m a Kickstarter supporter for Book 2 and am in for book 3 as well.

  6. Christopher

    Thanks, Egypt! I first did it for Bruno back in 2002 (the 6/13/02 post). I try to ask as little as I can from everyone, but I do ask once a year or two they walk through the online store, and appreciate that I get so few grumbles. Thank you, everyone!

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  8. Christopher

    @Seymour, thanks! Fixed!

    @TB, hahahahaha! Ooh, i should take notes.

    @RaneiY9i, I just don’t think I have enough readers for a hardcover to be a reality. BUT, I’ve added the $150 level for you! 🙂

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