07/31/13 Furryite Presence


As promised, if you go back to Monday’s page, the Spacetrawler strip is up WITHOUT my interruption. 😉

Thank you everyone who I made visit my Kickstarter, and thank you everyone so far who bought the books as well! Monday the goal was met. BUT, it’s still a bargain to buy them now, and I encourage you to support the Kickstarter as it runs.

Anyhow. Yay!

Thank you to Gary for the shoutout over at Fleen.

Not much new here. By chance my girlfriend and I got to see a free showing of the Saratoga Shakespeare Company‘s “The Merry Wives of Windsor” in the park. This Thursday I’m going out plein-air painting again with my painter friends. Good times! But boy, are they frikkin’ busy times. 🙂


  1. Thomas S

    That looks like a very satisfying and meaningful end to the arc. Very satisfying. Purringly satisfying. I say chaps, anyone else want to liberate the Eebs? Gosh Martina is tough, she will probably work through everyone there and do the right thing in the end.

  2. Christopher

    Ha! You guys are cracking me up with your comments today. 🙂

    @VingentG,Thanks! Fixed!

    @Nathanyel, debit cards, or Kickstarter’s finances are handled through Amazon who take checks. If you have trouble with that, drop me a line and I’m sure we can figure something out. 🙂

  3. Carl H.

    Oh the shark has teeth like razors, and she keeps them pearly bright. And Martina has a belt knife no need to keep it out of sight. When that shark bites, with it’s teeth dear, scarlet billows start to spread. When Martina stabs an Eeb now, that danged Eeb will wind up dead. Because Furryites in the room, dear, cancel out that Eeb’s mojo so if Martina doesn’t die first all those Eebs have got to go. Yes if Martina doesn’t die first all those Eebs have got to go! Look out, Martina is back!

  4. TB

    I wondered what it would take to actually get Big Eyes out of an Eeb.

    Don’t worry about the size of the gaps in the cage. Like the rules about Movie Lava, which is only hot if you touch it, there’s a rule in movies and cartoons that you can’t squeeze between the bars of a cage no matter how small you are or how wide the gaps.

  5. TB

    Incidentally, given Martina’s ability to move around and function at all, I doubt the Eebs did enough physical damage to be beyond the amazing medical tech we’ve seen so far in the series. If something kills her, it’s probably going to be something else.

  6. Herandar

    @TB: Lets say they were simplistic, and just tied a few knots in her intestines. Or they just made it a closed system. That would kill her, but not immediately. Given the pain she is showing I would hazard a guess that her stomach acid is no longer contained. Heck, all they need to do is put a kidney stone anywhere downstream from her kidneys, and most people would react like she is.

  7. Nathanyel

    Nearly forgot to check back here…
    @Christopher: nope, Amazon only accepts credit cards. Not that I think I could use my German debit card on an American shop.

    Some other Kickstarters have used an alternative PayPal option, and some projects that aren’t based in the US anyway have used other crowdfunding systems, e.g. Power Nap used Indiegogo.

    What would you suggest?

    (I assume you still get notified of this comment, keeping it public so far just in case someone else in a similar situation stumbles upon it)

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