08/05/13 The Eebs Fight Back


Thank you all, the Book 3 Pre-sale is going really well. If you wish to order Book #3 now, go visit my Kickstarter!

I did finally get all the mad eeb cloaks consistent. Not only had I accidentally put them in jackets rather than togas TWICE, but I’d also switched from dark togas to light togas to dark togas to light togas. What a mess. But it’s done. Phew! Anyhow, See them using the tag Crimson-57 or individially here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

I went painting with my painting group this Thursday, but it ended up being a short day and I didn’t get a heck of a lot done. On Sunday my girlfriend and I hiked Buck Mountain, but we’d gotten caught up in errands earlier and so we got a late start and only went half-way. Still, hike! Fun!


  1. Sabreur

    Geez. Martina looks *grim*.

    I’ve said it before, out of all the characters in the story, Martina scares me the most. She might lean heavily towards pacifism, but when she does get violent she’s incredibly effective. The Eebs were the most dangerous species in space, and she almost single-handedly genocided them all.

  2. fishboy

    I agree Sabreur.

    I guess this is why the story is about Martina primarily – the others are important, sure, but her story is the one on which the fate of the galaxy hinges. That’s why she’s less sympathetic or relatable – she has to make the hard choices and do the unpleasant things that no-one else can.

    All for the most noble reasons of course, and not without having considered the softer alternatives either. She’s just quicker to discard them when push comes to stab.

  3. TB

    Yesterday I wrote: “Don’t worry about the size of the gaps in the cage. Like the rules about Movie Lava, which is only hot if you touch it, there’s a rule in movies and cartoons that you can’t squeeze between the bars of a cage no matter how small you are or how wide the gaps.”

    OR, the bars could be laced with Invisibar Wire! Nothing like a cartoon written in real time!

    Someday movies will only be created, transmitted and shown digitally, so that if some fan spots a blooper in the Friday showing, it’ll be “fixed” by the Saturday shows. “I swear to God, Mike, Han shot first last night!”

  4. Todd

    @mhr And also the saddest.

    Christopher, I can’t help but notice that the last panel appears to have 4 eebs in it, even though the last panel’s “chuff” tells us the fourth has been stabbed. Is one of the four we’re looking at currently with a knife in its ear, or is this an oversight?

  5. Christopher

    @Todd, in panel #11, they say there are five. Then in panel #16 we hear one more “chuff” which means now four. Am I missing something?

    Maybe it’s because I don’t show them all i the panel. if so, that’s merely due to space restrictions.

    You all keep talking about counting eebs, and now I have a dozen times and am beginning to second-guess myself. Eeeeeee! 😉

  6. Efogoto

    Christopher, count the chuffs. One yesterday, six today. Four Eebs left for the reason you noted. There were twelve Eebs on 06/03/13 in panel 11. Were there only eleven at the start of yesterday’s strip? Or were there twelve? Do ya feel lucky punk?

    Sorry, had a Dirty Harry flashback there.

  7. Spud11

    Great yarn, Christopher. I’ve really enjoyed reading it while in Kuwait, Djibouti and now Bahrain. Not much fun out here, so your webcomic has really helped. Sorry to see it drawing (hah) to a close. Thanks for all the outstanding entertainment.

  8. Christopher

    @Efogoto. Ah! That. Hee hee hee. (you are not incorrect on any of your factual statements)

    @Spud11, thanks! So glad it’s been entertaining you! Being away from people you care about with nothing fun to do is the WORST!

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