11/10/13 King Gets Serious


Oh my goodness, the potty-bot is now real.

Sad news that Joey Manley died. I think I met him once or twice, but had little path crossing. But I know this: he cared deeply about comics and did a lot for the industry, and he died of pneumonia complications at age 48. Terrible and sad.

Some fundraisers going on. If you’re interested in the Alaskan 2014 legislative session, funny man Patrick Race is doing a fundraiser for some humor short videos during it (already reached goal, but there it is). Howard Taylor’s (Schlock Mercenary) wife Sandra is doing a fundraiser for her second children’s book.

Tom Dell-Aringa finished up Marooned (which he’s re-running), and he’s begun a new comic Rock and Tin. Check it out. And Boxbrown has a new comic The Tower of Power for ($) digital download.


  1. Corpore Metal

    Considering how frequently she’s getting into brawls so far, after this all over, she’d better demand more pay–and a substantial rise in medical benefits. Or maybe she can get Pierrot to introduce legislation for increased benefits for the GOB security forces.

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