11/13/13 Nogg’s Help


Model drawing today. Was loaded with work to do and places to be so i kinda flew in and out, but I like what I did. (the uncensored pics can be seen here)

I did an interview with Fes over at the Webcomicbeacon. It’s up, check it out.

My friends Charlotte has just made a site of her art, nice stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

Found a sweet vid of a piggie being petted. Reminds me of our kitties.


  1. CompaniaHill

    Boy, for as big as Nogg is, I always figured Nogg should have more brains. And what little he does have seems to be shrinking over time. With that big empty chassis of his, I’m surprise he doesn’t rattle when he walks, or maybe jingle like a sleighbell.

  2. Christopher

    @Stewart, I did indeed! An email requesting I cover it up. In no way is my covering it up any admission that i think it is in any way indecent or wrong. It is art. But, the decision is merely a gracious acceptance that not all of my reader’s bosses are going to agree with that position.

  3. Muzhik

    @Herandar, I’m not speculating at you! I’m not speculating at you!
    (Muzhik, stop doing that. It’s filthy. Even if you’re not doing it. I mean… just… just stop.)
    (We’d better stop before Christopher turns this strip around RIGHT NOW BUSTER AND I MEAN IT.)

  4. CompaniaHill

    Don’t you find stupid computer rectangles slapped onto your otherwise handdrawn artwork to be obnoxious and jarring? I certainly do. Even cropping a drawing is less obnoxious than a censorbox, but it’s still a sad compromise. Maybe you could salvage the integrity of your artwork *and* keep the prudes happy by just leaving the don’t-need-rectangles artwork on the front page and putting the rest on the click-through.

  5. VincentG

    I like the way the King’s goon manages to keep on his head against the wall despite being out for the count. He makes for a find decoration. Too bad the action would have moved away when he comes to, his first thoughts would be interesting.

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