11/20/13 Laylin’s Brother


Robot Maven has been sent to Mars. Good luck, tin soldier. Watched yet another video of Anita Sarkeesian over at Feminist Frequency. I always find her points to be matter-of-fact and dead-on. Yay, Anita!

Drawing open studio again. The uncensored version can be viewed here.


  1. Grizzly


    I’ve loved Spacetrawler and I do like this interlude, but more than being a fan of SpaceTrawler I am a fan of yours and I can’t but help feeling a bit of eagerness to see what you come up with next. Not that I don’t like this story… just that it feels a bit like “filler” until the next new adventure in the life of Chris is revealed. Looking forward…

  2. Christopher

    @Grizzly, thanks! Yeah, I could see it coming off that way. It was a struggle to write, in that “Spacetrawler” is a story with character arcs and plot arcs, and it was done. Done! And so I worked hard to come up with a self-contained plot that would run in 3 months. I’m happy with it, but I do think it is something that wants to be more. πŸ™‚

  3. randomantic

    I feel, as a matter of personal taste, that steak should never “splorp.” In the same way you can buy a voice for an electric car, they should make butcherish and meatly sounds for a steak, even coyote.

  4. Muzhik

    @War Pig, it’s not cannibalism if you don’t eat someone from your own pack. Or if you only eat the losers. You know: the old, the sick, the lame.

    (Hey, Timmy! C’mere! I need a snack!)

  5. Jonesy

    Segway pit stop:) I wonder if Laylin and other representatives of their species have been evolved to hunt from a pit or other places located lower than the normal ground. A hunter needs 3-dimensional view and apparently their massive beak can’t provide a level plane depth perception. Or maybe they have a natural aviating predator? Interesting anyway, but the biggest question remains still unanswered: can they literally “shut their mouths”?

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