11/25/13 Lanthril’s Confession



So, a couple money things. First, if you work for a newspaper or have connections with one, you should encourage them to run a serial story, and it should be one I’ve drawn in collaboration with the fanstastic writing of Mike Peterson. We’ve been doing these for years, they’re good stories, and I get a percentage of sales (so, I’m totally biased). They’re still REALLY good. Find out more at the site.

Secondly, IF you’re doing holiday shopping, and IF you’re planning to shop at Amazon, please enter Amazon via my banner at the top of the page. Or here: Amazon. I receive a percentage and so it’s all win-win.

Thirdly, you can still buy Spacetrawler book #3 signed or doodled and I will ship it off when I ship the rest from the KS over the next couple weeks, just visit my Shopstarter store.

And I have other merchandise at Topatoco (ST Book #3 will be added there in January), including: Spacetrawler books 1-2, Little Dee, Bruno, etc at my Topatoco Store.

Also, not related to me (as most things aren’t), after YEARS or much wear, I finally wore out out my poppy tee shirt designed by Jenn Manley Lee (of the comic Dicebox)?, it had become so tattered that I had to toss it. And so I bought a new one from her store! Because her stuff is that lovely.


  1. You should get amazon links for Germany and the UK too. I live in Germany, so I am not going to order anything from amazon.com, but I will order things from amazon.de often, and sometimes from co.uk, and it would make feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that you are getting a percentage of that

  2. ronald

    FWIW, we now know that, when the coyotes “adopted” Emily, she was already old enough to talk. She certainly didn’t learn human speech from “non-sapients” who, as non-anthropomorphic wild animals, wouldn’t even understand the concept of a “name.” Emily would’ve had to teach THEM what names were.

  3. Christopher

    @Nathanyel, that would be cute. I just might! 🙂
    @Herfinnur, I just applied this morning, prompted by your comment. I’ll update here as soon as I get approval. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  4. ronald

    Or “dogs” was just easier for Lanthrill to say. 😉

    Considering her upbringing, I wonder if Emily qualifies as well-adjusted or, well, as NOT that. She seems to fit in among aliens relatively well, anyway; mytho-legendary cowboy Pecos Bill (also raised by coyotes) wasn’t always able to fit in even with human beings.

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