11/27/13 Emily Accuses


It was my girlfriend’s birthday. I drew her a picture and made her a cake.

Wednesday afternoon we’re heading out to visit family for the holidays. Not sure what to make yet aside from fudge. As if anything else is needed. Based on the celebration alone, Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, even as a kid, because it’s about people and food. If you’re celebrating it, I hope you have a good one.

Oh, and I went to open drawing studio again. Pulled out the steel nib and ink, which I haven’t used in years. Good times.


  1. Dennis Grace

    Jesus X. Christ on a superconducting Segway, Christopher, don’t you think it’s about time Emily acquired backup–or at least a decent defensive weapon? I love your work, but I’m getting tired of watching this woman bleed.

  2. thomas

    Emily is mostly made for blood sports anyway. This is probably her idea of a relaxing holiday. Could do with a flash forward to a parallel universe emily on a low calcium diet, without tough bones she would still have a tough tongue.

  3. Ol' Gui

    Yeah, Boggie with double jointed shoulders in order to get her hands in the front. Why would they tie her hands in the front after that artistic kick of hers. I may just be assuming her hands are tied,….. never mind.

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