12/13/13 Saying Goodbyes


This strip somewhat wraps things up, but there’s still one more strip on Wednesday! Then on Monday, THE NEW PROJECT! You don’t have to go anywhere right away, it will be posted HERE at spacetrawler.com (at least for now) as well as on baldwinpage.com, so no need to wander.

We had a good weekend. Domestic stuff. Shopping, cooking. I worked a tiny bit on my novel (for fun!). We prepared an outdoor cat house for the stray, Roger, who our downstairs neighbor kinda’ adopted (red: made somewhat dependent) but has not been consistent or provided any shelter for the sub-zero temperatures.We’re looking into options to neuter him before spring inevitable prowling.

Which would make a good holiday post: love your fellow human, but also turn some love to the animals. If you’re thinking of pets for Christmas, go to a shelter, yes, but DON’T go to a pet store or a breeder. About 3 million pets are euthanized each year in shelters, and holiday pets are often abandoned once the reality of what it takes to care for a pet sets in.<3


  1. Christopher

    @Xyxz, well, this week is slammed. Have to pre-press an entire book, work on a big freelance job, and finish completely designing the new strip which starts Monday. Maybe next week? We’ll see what i can do.

  2. War Pig

    The Makarov is nominally a 9mm, but in reality has only the punch of the wimpy .380 (9 X 18mm). Poking holes in arms is about all it’s good for. No stopping power. The Serdyukov pistol in 9 X 21mm is, however, a different kettle of fish entirely and has excellent stopping power, as does the Avraamov pistol in 7.62 X 25mm.

  3. Muzhik

    @War Pig, let us pause a moment in memoriam, at the death of Mikhail Kalashnikov, inventor of the AK-47. I like to think of the AK-47 and the M16 as the perfect comparison between Russian and American engineering. The AK-47 is tough and durable to the point of being well-nigh indestructible, and didn’t need a major industrial base to produce in large numbers. The M16 (at least in its first incarnation) was sleek, deadly, and would lock-up if you breathed on it wrong.

  4. War Pig

    The M-16’s teething troubles was because of McNamara and his gang. They refused to pay for chroming the barrel and chamber and issued no cleaning kits to soldiers in a freaking JUNGLE. That and dirty (stick powder) ammo contributed to the initial failure rates. Dang McNamara to heck.

    The AK is tough and durable, but about as accurate as a pitched baseball. A perfect peasant’s weapon. Fires all the time and is used in “spray and pray” shooting. Anyone who can afford something other than the AK uses something else. M-16, H&K, etc.

    Muslim fanatics were told US troops feared close combat so they sprayed bullets and charged – and got their behinds handed to them each and every time.

    I saw where the old boy died. He was untroubled by his role in warfare. He said if countries come to blows blame the politicians who refuse to find a compromise all can live with. Smart old fellow. I hope Vulcan hires hm on in in the hereafter.

    Back in the day, if your group or country professed interest in communism and spoke ill of the USA, the Soviets would drop a few thousand rail cars of AKs, ammo and RPGs on you for free.

  5. Ol' Gui

    The Makarov is a very durable and tough weapon. Accurate and compact. The round itself is more of a .380 that has been working out. Penetration is most acceptable with modern hollow point rounds. Shot placement is more an issue that caliber in most situations. The king is probably using full metal jacket and she got a through and through wound. She is one tough character indeed.

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