12/25/13 Child Care


As you all no doubt recall, it was hinted recently here, and was a result of this, with the first discovery of it here: is that Red-9 had Dimitri’s child.

Annnnnd…. that’s a wrap. Spacetrawler is now officially done. The new (non-Spacetrawler) strip will begin appearing on Monday here as-well-as-at baldwinpage.com (which will be revamped later this week). It will again be comedy and sci-fi, but that’s all I’ll tell you. 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed the bonus story. It was a bit more plot detailed than the main story, so it might depend more on reading it all in one go. If you wish to, it began here. The three unfinished pages I’ll try to have done before January 9th. I have an enormous amount on my plate, so I’ll just do the best I can.

And lastly, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of you.




  1. Lord Morgue

    Ohai, Chris, since you’re still doing SF/comedy, if you’re still looking for good SF/comedy novels, I just started Starship Titanic and thought of you.
    It’s by Monty Python’s Terry Jones, based on the PC game by Douglas Adams. Pretty good so far, a lot more bonking than Douglas Adams put in his own novels, but hey.

  2. Darke

    What a journey, and it was one I am both thrilled and deeply saddened by to reach the end of.

    Still, I have the whole series in book form now. That should keep me happy.

    Thank you Chris for sharing this epic tale with the world.

  3. Evil Midnight Lurker

    And here I was sure the darkhuenium planet was a con.

    (Of course, just because the map exists doesn’t mean it isn’t.)

    This has been a fantastic ride, many thanks 🙂

  4. Nomi

    It has been a great story. I’m kinda disappointed we don’t get to see Red9 & Dmitri’s child, though. Can’t wait for the new yarn. But meanwhile I’ll snuggle down by my Christmas tree with my newly arrived Spacetrawler books.

  5. Rhadamanthus

    It was/is a very good story and I enjoyed it. Thank you, Chris, and I hope that you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year also – and I do hope that you won’t totally forget Spacetrawler; you have a stock here of very well-developed characters and it would be a shame to just waste them. I know I, for one, would enjoy seeing them again one day. Blessed Be…

  6. Minty

    I hardly ever post comments on comics, but I’ve been an avid reader of Chris Baldwin’s comics for many years now. I just wanted to say that Spacetrawler has been one of THE most entertaining, thought-provoking, funny, and emotional stories I’ve read online. Thank you for your hard work, and for sharing your visions. I’m looking forward to your future works. May they be many!

  7. Muzhik

    Wait… one… minute…… “WHAAAAA!!!” Ok. I’m good now. Just had to get that out of my system.

    LOVED the series, just as I loved Little Dee before this. (Still love how you ended that one!) I just had to review the entire epilogue looking for the time when Dimitri could have swiped the ring. Just found it here. (hehehe condom in her hair hehehe…)

  8. Tod

    Had a wonderful time peering over your shoulder at your drawing table. Magnificent work and a supreme artistic drive to get the job done day after day, both of which I admire. Maybe someday with a little elbow grease, I can do it too. Looking forward to the new series!

  9. Tarnagh

    Hard to believe it’s finished, it’s been an amazing story! I agree with Jordan that seeing “Dmitri-9” would have been nice, but maybe someone with more artistic talent than myself could do a fan art of her? Looking forward to your next storytelling endeavor. Happy New Year!


    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This was one of the finest stories I have ever read. The action, the humor, the drama, the suspense…the humor (did I already say that? Well, it bears repeating)…all top notch. Well done, Chris. I look forward to your next project.

  11. dkkauwe

    sad this is the end…but somehow for some reason very happy that it ended with Dimitri and Red-9 having this conversation…seems just fitting for some reason…although i am kind of sad that we never get to see their kid…

  12. Nezumi

    Knew it. He was actually one of my suspects for the murder. It didn’t feel his style, but he has the interest in protecting Earth, the intelligence network to know about it, (as he let slip by mistake) and it was extremely implausible that he just happened to be there right when Emily got blown out the window.

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