8/31/16 Mauricio’s Fate




  1. Mr. Zorilla, would you like a recommendation for a vasectomy surgeon?

    You, um, haven’t had other romantic vacations in the past 18 years…?

    That noise? Oh, it’s just your security force dispatching another assassin… Yes, YOUR security force. Yes, your security FORCE. Yes, assassins…

  2. andreas

    @ Coyoty

    we can’t have with Zorilla vasectomies, we need to keep the door open to yet more installments.

    “Which one of my accidental children did you get killed this time?”
    “Just grab the popcorn.”

  3. Muzhik

    Mr. Zorilla, may I recommend a non-GMO, heritage variety popcorn? They are more flavorful, the smaller kernels digest better, and space meds or not, you really should be watching what you eat (before it eats you.)

  4. 0z79

    I swear that if he doesn’t do it this time, NEXT Spacetrawler Mr. Zorilla’s just going to jack the ‘trawler himself and go pirate.

    I know of a certain fish-descended sentient who’s not averse to human intimacy.. and what with his anomalously long neck-face-chin-mouth, their morphology’s even similar.

    Holy crap, I just ‘shipped Zorillaface and Choan.

  5. TB

    Okay, this might be just me, and maybe you have a nice twist planned this time, but are we really going into another story where our main character is doomed at the very outset? Geeze.

    1. 0z79

      Well, the comic’s a bit late. That’s an issue. πŸ˜›

      Everything okay on your end?

      EDIT: I AM RETARDED for not reading the “Mondays and Wednesdays” part. Disregard my pointless rambling about nonexistent tardiness.

  6. TB

    By the way, I don’t remember: did “Spacetrawler” used to have character tags on each strip? I find these amazingly useful when I have to catch up on who somebody is or where we saw them last.

    It might even be nice to have the tags fold in the previous comics in case any old characters show up in the new story.

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