9/05/16 The G.O.B. Spacetrawler



Happy labor day! I hope you’re not working. 🙂


  1. andreas

    King: Well, you have saved the galaxy, how can we ever repay you?

    Krep: [sarcasm]Saving the galaxy is its own reward[/sarcasm].

    King: The treasurer will be glad to hear that.

    Krep: Wait, that was sarcasm. If it’s not too much to ask, I’d like an appendage-transplant. Or maybe one of those new bionic prosthetic appendage-bots. I know I was depicted like this in the epilogue but surely there has been enough time now…

    King: No take-backsies in my kingdom. I mean Galactic Body.

    Krep: No fair! I even used [sarcasm] tags.

    King: But see: your pitiful appendage-stubs are a potent visual symbol. While we didn’t kill off any crew members but one (and it was a human), there needs to be a spiritual price to pay to make the story balance out and manifest the high cost of walking the righteous path that forever changes a soul. Also the artist has now grown used to not having to paint two more of them wiggly things. Plus, it helps the casual reader to pinpoint which chapter of the story they’re in, like Dimitri’s delightful gray hair. Nogg and Gurf are never going to change, so it’s on you.

    Krep: [mumble grumble].

    King: I can hear every word you’re mumbling into your appendages – because [GRIN] YOU’RE MISSING TWO OF THEM [drumroll].

  2. Herandar

    Chris, I’m gonna need you to post some sort of filler strip or travelogue on Fridays or even more frequently. For whatever reason, (probably b/c there are five off days) when you only post two times a week, I tend to forget to visit your site.

  3. Herandar

    Yay! Now for actual commentary: I am spending Labor Day laboriously re-reading the original strips. So I can, at this point, compare the original with the new series.

    The colors are brighter on the new series. I’m sure you’ve moved on to more efficient tools for coloring over the last few years, but the exact and precise lines and watercolor colors of the original strip was something endearing. But probably very time-consuming, so I understand moving on.

  4. When Nogg says, “You’re naming the ship after the galaxy’s worst known torture device?” I expect King’s reply to be, “No, spacetrawlers were actually quite well known.”

    Nogg probably means the “worst torture device known” but it sure isn’t what he said. But they he’s Nogg; he’s not supposed to be particularly smart.

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