9/19/16 Inviting Emily




Excuse me if my blogging is sparse. Trying to do a million things and get to Colorado by week’s end. I am still not sure this is entirely feasible


  1. Night-Gaunt49

    How many humans now would jump at the chance to have this weapon? Too many to count on a million hands I’d say. How many would go insane from it? How do you stop it?

    Look what happened with the Xenomorphs of Ixx. They were designed to be slaves, but built so well their proclivities threatened the Race. So they had to create Predators to hunt them down and eliminate them. This time the Race had a means of controlling the Predators and eliminating the Xenomorphs. A black mold that killed the nearly unstoppable living machines that the Xenomorphs over time. See what happens when they are built too well?

    I’d say that bio-nano-weapon is worse.

    1. The Gorram Batguy

      In his culture, a Mr. Jury Judge handles the court proceedings by himself, and then the executioner does his work.
      And this fellow was being polite by using the formal “last name, first name” format.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    I say the armed street judges worked best. Saves on money and they are always on the move. They came, they saw you, they convicted you bam! Just stay way from that place. Stay away and stay free….
    When you are Judge-Jury-Executioner is much better than having them separate.

    This technology will even streamline that when the weapon is fully integrated to the JJE so even the weapon is no longer an addition. (In times of war It also doubles as soldier/stormtrooper combo.) Multi use at the same price! Bean counters rejoice!!!

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