9/14/16 Inviting Pierrot





  1. andreas

    In the grand scheme of things, humans (well, Pierot at least) are clearly subordinate to potty bots, but potty bots are but a source of warmth for cats who come out on top.

    It’s one of the things that appear so obvious in hindsight, but still hit one with the force of a brick when one is first confronted with (e)scatological truths.

    +1 for Nogg for actually asking them one by one even if one suspects all this will accomplish is to prove Dimitri correct in humorous ways.

  2. This page is hilarious. I gotta stop reading at work…

    (p.s. a bit late to the party, but “solar system” only refers to the system of our own star, Sol. Other systems should just be called “star systems” or “stellar systems”. A few pages back, you use Solar System to refer to those, as well.)

  3. Muzhik

    Ooo! Ooo! Kittykittykittykitty! Let me guess: “We have decided upon our name. We shall henceforth be known as … Roomba!”

    PLEASE tell me the cat on potty-bot was inspired by “Catstronaut in Meowterspace” (https://youtu.be/DfqXnGHhcHM), where Catstronaut is riding a roomba! Then there are the cats with laser eyes: https://youtu.be/NREtpoqE_HU

    Hey, maybe it’s just me, but I think a cat with laser eyes would make a WONDERFUL addition to Nogg’s crew!

  4. @Stewart, ugh, and i know that, I just tend to forget. Thank you. I hope I remember to go in and fix that.

    @Muzhik, Ha! Never seen either of those. But it was definitely influenced by the many videos of cats riding on roombas. And also, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Mr Jefferson, Pierrot’s Cat. But the tag archives aren’t working, so i can’t show you the previous appearance. Mostly just talked about until the end of the first series, then a couple panels.

  5. Herandar

    Hey Chris, since you updated the webpage for Sengkelat on the last strip, I was wondering if you could make one further update to your webpages. Can you make it so clicking (Left-clicking, specifically) anywhere on the comic takes you to the next strip? It doesn’t add much for when one is just reading the most recent strips, but when every page is set up that way for a multi-year strip, it makes reading the entire story much easier. Not mission critical, obviously, but a nice feature. Thank you.

  6. See, no good deed goes unpunished.

    I’ll just suggest that if you want to make Herandar’s image-map navigation, clicking on the right third of the comic should go to the next page, and the left third of the comic should go to the previous page, like in Perfect Viewer and presumably other comic reader apps.
    But I already got the feature I asked for, so I really should just say “Thank you” and keep quiet.

  7. If Herandar’s suggestion would be convenient to do while mine would not, then I withdraw my suggestion. I’d hate to think I ruined it for them.

    And given that I know nothing of your uploading process or site organization, I’m going to step away without giving any more annoyingly helpful suggestions. You probably have better things to do than write big hairy sed scripts to retroactively change all your pages.

  8. Jude

    Chris, I’ve become so addicted to Spacetrawler, I need to go back to read over past strips to get my fix. I love potty-bot and how sentient he is. Love everything about him and how cleverly you mix it with the rest. This strip was one of my favourites!

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