02/13/17 Devyat’s Happiness




On Friday it hit 73 degrees, and I hiked up in the mountains in a tee-shirt, sweating from the heat. Last night it was below freezing and we go a couple inches of snow. Weird time. 

Hope you had a great weekend!



  1. Yang Tomoe

    I cant help but wonder what will happen if Jabby takes over Mauricio completely. Will Jabby then control where “Mauricio” goes and what other upgrades might Jabby add.

    I also find myself wondering if Jabby has a sense of style. Does Mauricio have any control over his metamorphosis? I could see his sense of style really affecting the end look of his cybernetic form. I mean as far as a weapon system is concerned psychological impact is an important weapon, just as much as surprise.

    I mean, If the user likes the way he looks perhaps he might be in a better frame of mind to be a hero of justice. Perhaps we will be treated to a parade of superhero costumes or classic armor styles. There are so many possible styles. What form could Jabby take that might might motivate a person like Mauricio to follow his “Destiny”?

    Eagerly awaiting developments

  2. Peter Rogan

    Nameless dread falls on me when I contemplate Devyat. Her emotional state fills me with despair. She IS unique. She IS alone. She has revealed she seeks a connection with her heritage and her future. The day she realizes she must make both with her bleeding, skinless hands is the day the Universe changes. And there will be no bunker deep enough, no star’s heart fierce enough, to keep it from every atom in existence, or yet to be born.

    I think I’ll start drinking now.

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Despite the dazzling technology like “Jabby” the human comes through and most of us are not killers. The worst thing for Yuri is to saddle her with her worst nightmare and greatest wish. I’d say that should Mauricio succeed in beheading or cutting most of his head off what grows in its place will be Jabby and Jabby alone. How will it function? Jabby must have an independent part of his programming to determine who lives and who deserves to die. Only if he can reattach the brain can “he” fix it. That would be an increased nightmare for Mauricio depending on how much can be saved. Now if the empathic part of his brain fails it will be the best thing for Jabby. Just some musings of a non-cigarette smoking man…shameless X-files mention.

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