02/08/17 New Outfits




In case that background is too detailed for you to see, HERE IS A LARGER-RES VERSION.

And I swear this is the end (for now) of beating up on Mauricio. But it was necessary to show HOW MUCH he doesn’t want to kill others.


  1. Jude

    Plus it also shows the depth of empathy in Joyce and Anesu. Let’s hope Hwan shows more concern since clothes aren’t much of an issue for him – nor for Bikkie but I haven’t see any evidence of empathy in Bikkie …yet.

  2. Those sleeves must look like smoke.

    Are there going to be two Jabbys now? Will Jabby One try to attach itself to a new host? Will they realize they can reproduce by severing themselves from hosts and finding new ones? Is this how the Borg started?

    1. Peter Rogan

      And what sort of conscience will either of them have? The concept of Jabby growing a new Mauricio is at least as disturbing as Mauricio biologically compelled to grow (not re-grow; it was never a part of him to begin with) a new sentient but murderous intrinsic weapon. Congratulations, Chris; you’ve come up with a weapon I find more queasy-making than Robert Jon Williams’s bionic tongue.

    2. Muzhik

      @Coyoty and @Peter Rogan, not to worry. Jabby’s designer was so thorough that I imagine he designed Jabby so that if it DID get cut off, it would dissolve into mono-organic goo as soon as its replacement had grown and was ready for action. Otherwise you’d see hundreds and hundreds of cheap knockoffs.

  3. andreas

    This is the funniest ill-fated hero’s journey of struggling against an evil-spirited, dragon-slaying weapon I have read since the tale of Túrin Turambar in Tolkin’s Children of Húrin.

    Bleak, forlorn, salvation to be only found in death – wait, does this suit come with a matching waistcoat?

    1. TB

      You really want an Evil Weapon story, check out Michael Moorcock’s “Elric” series.

      I’m trying to figure out where the Jabbynanos are going to find fifty pounds of metal in Mauricio’s body cells. Mauricio may have to start eating some silverware.

  4. Quirel

    I’m sorry, but my suspension of disbelief has been shattered beyond repair.

    Self-optimizing arm cannons made of nanoscopic goop? Yeah, that’s fine. FTL drives that slip between particles of light, and other FTL drives that go faster because light is 97% darkness? Not a problem.

    But an Australian saying ‘body shaming’ unironically? I dunno… is it a translation error?

  5. Nessus

    I’m a little confused by Anesu’s comment about not being six years old anymore, as It’s not clear (to me, at least) what she’s objecting to. I figure it can’t be the idea of precisely fitting clothes, as she wears pretty much a leotard.

    Is it something about wanting to make her own clothes? Maybe something about the colors or designs available (which don’t see, so this can only be blue-sky guessed at)? Whatever she’s on about, I feel like I’m missing the other half needed to get it.

    1. @Nessus, Oh, it’s just a silly comment in response to Hwan. She’s suggesting that wearing baggy clothes is immature, that adults should wear clothes that “fit.” I have known some people who think a lot about fashion who think there is truth to this. 🙂

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