04/05/17 Any Will Do




Do you ever feel overwhelmed with work and life like it is impossible to catch up and you start panicking and then the work is twice as hard to do and so you start avoiding which makes it worse and so all you can do is nurse a cookie and stare at the wall?

Me neither. Can’t relate at all. Ignore the crumbs where the cookies used to be.


  1. Reading on my phone late at night, I thought at first the Crints down below yelling “Peace!” were holding flowers. Flowers would fit with peace protesters. The Crints’ leader had better hope her citadel is airtight or that she’s retrieved before they head off-world.

  2. Stefan Funken

    Ok, I have to say that page is a bit confusing in terms of sizes and perspective (maybe intentionally so). Are the “Underlings” really reallly tiny or are the protagonists just very high up??

    1. The protagonists are high up. Yes, apologies, I had to fit a LOT in there for this scene, and some of it got shorthanded. The only clues are that in panel #8 they are of relative size (and I don’t think I’ve ever played with severe perspective to imply otherwise) and (more notably) in panel #9, where the other alien is falling and it’s arm is still of relative size.

      But still, that is shorthand and takes work. And at moments like this I wonder if locking myself into “every panel the same height” is the best route (I still feel it is, for all the other things it does for the strip)

  3. Night-Gaunt49

    Okay so now I understand more. Why didn’t the belligerent ones just wipe out the peaceful democratic ones? It would fit their style. Now it seems that the aggressive fight all the time ones are in charge an pretty much ignore the peaceful types because they won’t initiate violence to overthrow them. Hum. The B’s much use the P’s to clean toilets and such while they fight…I see comedy gold here.

    I could see someone like Nogg working for the Federation or maybe the Corpes Diplomatique Terrestriane or CDT of Laumer’s James Retief stories. His series of books would have had a distinct difference from the Retief version of diplomacy. One thing the leadership at the CDT would love Nogg there.

  4. Schismatism

    That last panel is a brilliant example of slicing through this whole Gordian knot. But… well. I have my doubts that this will reach any sort of sensible fruition, if only because I suspect that the building is, in fact, occupied by a bag of snakes.

    That or possibly the entire building has a particularly unpleasant masonry condition. Either or.

  5. M.A.

    Cookie, hell; I want gin! I’m facing a major move, into a smaller, more expensive place, and I’m staring at 11 overfull bookcases trying to figure out what to get rid of. Scotch works, too…

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