04/10/17 The Crint Leader




Conor Carton wrote a very nice review of Anna Galactic over on his blog “Dancing with Skeletons.”

Read Anna Galactic here.


  1. fookiesan

    Kahtaar… Klohturr… Krootorr…
    P’raps Heltch’s star is going dim and the limbless cold-blooded natives just need all these guys to warm it up a little with their warring and conquesting and orbital rail-gun strikes and suchlike.
    ‘Course, they’re probably not actually “snakes”, in the way us earthlings think of such things; just a slithering, tube shaped race/species of some sort. Hmm. I’ll have to ponder their motivation some more…

    1. MattStriker

      My guess is this:

      They’re the natives of Heltch, and they don’t want any of those three species to control their homeworld, so they’re keeping them at each other’s throats. As long as they spend all their resources on the war, Heltch itself remains free.

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