04/12/17 The Crint Leader




I’ve been wanting to finally begin revealing hints at what Heltch is all about. It is very satisfying to now do so.

Cedra is going to be away this week, for FIVE days. I will take this time to work 16 hour days, which will be lovely and exhausting.

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  1. Peter Rogan

    Although we’ve yet to see it demonstrated, the Crints seem to be one of those singular races that could be laughing on the outside and crying on the inside.

    No, please. Don’t demonstrate.

  2. Nomi

    I think Avnerix meant to say “pathetic globules of pus” with one S. Unless she really is thinking, as with the bags o’ snakes characters, that the Earthlings are bags of cats.

    Nice callback to Spacetrawler I there.

  3. 0z79

    Is that one of the snake guys in the last panel? In cahoots with the Crint leader’s loser of a brother?

    Also: They look like they’re related to Photoshop, from Romantically Apocalyptic! The Crint, I mean.

  4. Muzhik

    RE: your 16 hour days, do you have enough cats on hand to nudge your elbow at that critical time, or to jump up on your work-space to remind you that there ARE more important things in life, like feeding them. (Oh, and for you to eat too. If you don’t you might collapse before you can open the food can, THEN where will the cats be? Up a creek without a can opener, THAT’S for sure. Having to survive on stored body fat until Cedra comes home, and then she’ll probably be too upset at seeing your prone form that even SHE would forget to feed them.)

    Sigh. If only they had opposable thumbs…

  5. Night-Gaunt49

    A recent Dr. Who had a snake man. He lookes like a man, and can talk, but when he breaks down into many snakes then can recombine into a single compound being.

    As for cats, more space travelers should bring them from Earth.

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