04/17/17 Kreebrick Petroglyphs




Finally I get an opportunity to use Joyce’s surgical enhancements! Β πŸ™‚


  1. Night-Gaunt49

    Cyborgenics could change the world, any world, any species. But then the weapons makers will have to do their diligence in ways around them. IN the mean time you can do tough-as-fuck shit like she did. The kind of unexpected super power tricks that if you didn’t know it, when you see it, your mouth would fall open…

    I wonder if it helps her in the aging department…?

    Nice mix of humor and WOW factor.

  2. Pare

    I am amazed that the medi-bot managed to make the enhancements so subtle. I was waiting for something more obvious, and was kind of disappointed when Joyce didn’t display any obvious enhancements.

    Now, I’m not disappointed anymore.

  3. Gillsing

    Wow. Look at that. I didn’t know these advanced space civilizations even had cybernetic improvements that didn’t make people look like obvious cyborgs. But as soon as that spear bounced, I knew what was up!

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