05/17/17 Negotiations Commence




I made bread this week. And every day I’ve gone down to the fish-observation house to watch the snowmelt bloated creek rush by (fish won’t be back until it rises a few degrees in temperature). Drawing. Smelling the fresh air. Good times.


  1. Rikard


    Oh my, this page bears an uncanny resemblance to too many meetings at work, and att the teacher’s training college…

    -“We have decided that X will no longer occur.”

    -“So, ahem, what are we actually going to do to ensure that X does not occur, and what will we do if/when it does so, our decision today notwithstanding?”

    -“Stop focusing on the negative. We have decided that X will not occur, and that’s final!”

    Oh, to have a principal/headmaster like Joyce! I would re-Joyce πŸ™‚

    Greetings from Sweden,
    Rikard, former schoolteacher

  2. @ Rikard:

    My field is engineering, in industry, and construction. You just put into a few short sentences something I’ve been complaining about for years. Nobody actually seeming to know how to do anything outside of their narrow field. Being the technician (draftsman/surveyor/whatever) sitting in on such meetings usually means that the “we don’t know how to get this done because it crosses disciplines” problem often gets dumped on…

    … how many of you guessed “me”? Yeah. My job to make certain that X does/n’t happen.

  3. 3oranges

    Very interesting of Mauricio. Isn’t it?

    This isn’t the first comic where I got to read through a ton of archives very quickly, then switch to slower updates, but it is the first where the characters switched too. So I’m used to waiting for plots, but got to know people like Martina very quickly, and it leaves people like her half-brother as intriguing mysteries.

    Maybe it’s making me try to read too much into little things, but since it’s all I get until Friday, I can’t help wondering what his choice says. πŸ™‚

  4. Peter Rogan

    My skin crawls with familiar dread.

    I’ve seen these sorts of conflicts where three different department heads all want the same thing. It could be a promising new graduate, a developer with patents to his/her portfolio, even a copying machine. The machinations begin to undermine the other two and seize the wonderful thing about to come in the door.

    The same thing happens every time. The savvy graduate or conniving developer plays one off the other, getting better and better salary and benefit offers, whilst discovering who the real pills are. In the end the highest offer might be taken for three months, long enough for them to establish their worth with another company by virtue of their current salary and/or position. The copying machine ends up in the hands of whoever had the most spare cash and then it gets pirated by the other two, who somehow get the lock code from somewhere.

    But there’s another party here, supplying arms and playing one side against the other. The key question now becomes: Do THEY know the true worth of the kreebrick? Or it is a cunningly-deployed MacGuffin while they secretly loot one or two or all three races of the real prize they, as dark worlders, cannot even imagine? And how long will it take Joyce to determine this, if she hasn’t already?

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