09/04/17 Nogathulbium




So, right now there are a handful of strips left to THE FIRST PART this new iteration of Spacetrawler. Like the first run, I’m splitting it up (probably) into 3 parts, so we’re maybe almost a third through?

I have the end of the first part all written, but things always shift and change, but I’m guessing it will end mid-October, and immediately begins PART TWO.
And I am the FIRST to agree with those a little confused as to who is who, the dragnet unintentionally got a little wide with this storyline. But the ending of part one should rein it in a bit.


  1. Leinglo

    I’m suddenly reminded of when Joyce and King were discussing how the only reason Nogg meets with any success at all is because he surrounds himself with people that are smarter and more competent than he is.

    Who wants to bet that the next strip is going to involve him getting clubbed over the head and/or stunned?

  2. Coyoty

    I’m sure Nogg, a Thelbiuun, isn’t too stupid to notice that the Nogathelbium doesn’t belong there, and just plans to watch what it does. Apparently the snakes watch too many TV shows were you can pretend to work at a place you plan to rob and no one questions it.

    Chris, apparently your website is blocking my email. It’s not sending me new strips and followup comments, and you’re not getting my emails about the problem.

    1. The Gorram Batguy

      The man (fish?) has watched his crew completely outmaneuver him in all matters, rendering him pretty much superfluous, and his main goal of forging a peace deal just blew up in his face, so he’s probably feeling pretty unmotivated to care about anything right now.

  3. Emma Lately

    Nogathelbium and the other snakes are quickly becoming some of my favorite characters, and that’s saying something with this chapter’s diverse and fun mix.

    That whole last row sounds like somthing from ‘undercover boss’

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