09/13/17 Missile Chase


    1. The Gorram Batguy

      Next page, a giant hand emerges from the central planet and swipes at the spot that was previously occupied by Aulton. The Keebrick is attempting to hit ‘snooze’. ‘Just 5 billion more minutes.’

  1. Weird. Before I read your short comments after the strip, I thought “The best laid plans of aliens and men oft go astray” (just a little different from what you wrote). Hm, wonder if Bikkie could’ve kicked that missile into another universe?

    I’m really curious to know what prank Krep pulled on his mom. I guess it’s funnier if we don’t know and leave it to our imagination.

    1. Allan MacDonald

      But the meaning is retained – I can see why our intrepid author and artist went with the Anglicised version for clarity! (I’m now wracking my brains for a gently teasing Scots epithet with which to sign off, but it’s a struggle! I think I’ll settle for an affectionate “ya tumshie!”;-)

  2. PeterK

    Here I am now thinking the only story in the world I’d like to hear is this prank story.

    Unrelated: Who puts a safety on a giant ship cannon? I guess we are dealing with Nogg’s ship. :p

    1. Peter Rogan

      Frankly, I’d be frightened to death of a space-based giant ship cannon that DIDN’T have a safety on it, as they do for contemporary battleships. All it takes is one loose-fingered idiot: “What does THIS button do?”

    1. Muzhik

      Oh, I don’t know. It used to be that nuclear missiles required that a pair of keys be inserted into switches on the opposite sides of the room, turned, and removed simultaneously.

      I don’t know if that would really count as a SAFETY, though…. does it?

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