09/18/17 Aulton Is Gone


    1. @Kaidah, be VERY glad we all edit our memories. The worst ones are marked more solidly for fading first; the best are often triggered for retrieval by odd links; a scent, music, etc. Others are indelible, and worth keeping refreshed.
      Who alive now who was alive (and old enough to pay attention) doesn’t remember where they were on 22 November 1963? (George H. W. Bush for one.)

      1. Meran

        And, recently, the news of Princess Diana’s death; and fir those of us who lived thru the Kennedy assassination, there was his brother’s and ML King’s.

        There are far too many honestly.

        I am always surprised at the sentiments of the modern generation of making “holidays” of these things that we ~couldn’t forget if we wanted to, the whole “lest we forget” ribbons and such.

        Believe me, if we’re decent beings, we don’t forget; if we are not, a ribbon won’t remind us.

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