11/08/17 Breakfast Before Story


This may have been inspired in part by the three loaves of cinnamon raisin bread which Cedra made, and which we are eating ’til we’re silly.


  1. Ah, Chris, I swear your story-telling skills just keep getting better and better! I’m not out to flatter you (there’s nothing in it for me if that was my intention) but simply stating what I believe is true.

    While a story someone writes – whether accompanied with artwork or not – might overall be good, there’s really not a lot that continues to captivate its reader at every page (or strip, in your case). I’m left with having to wait till the next strip is posted. And normally I’m a very patient person but I wait impatiently for yours.

    Right now, I’m reading Patrick Leigh Fermor’s work “A Time of Gifts” (along with his 2 follow-ups) which my son kindly bought for me to read on the Kindle app for my phone after I expressed an interest in his writings. If you haven’t read anything by Fermor, I recommend him. He’s someone who truly knows how to write too.

      1. Peter Rogan

        Oh, I understand that. Mark Twain said that the highest accolade for humor is not the belly-laugh, but the tendency of the eyes to fill.

        My problem is that I am preternaturally aware of the vast number of degrees of humor and how they are perceived. That Eric Idle, for instance, was unable to tell a version of the Aristocrats joke for “The Aristocrats” film. It wasn’t in him. He said that that’s an American joke; in Europe there is the historical awareness that real aristocrats did all this, and worse. Is THAT funny? Why not?

    1. That’s why I consider Chris’ writing so good. He has the ability to mix dark humour with pathos and drama. I’ve had problems with depression – sometimes pretty bad – for over 30 years. Often the only thing that keeps me sane (not sure I actually am) is having a very weird, sometimes dark sense of humour. I need to find whatever I can to not slip into the black pit. And I’ll even joke about that which sometimes shocks others. Hey, it works for me.

      1. Galane

        Many comedians have their ‘demons’ they fight with humor. A major case was Robin Williams. ‘Course a bunch of his issues (and the brain disease that led to his suicide) can likely be laid at the feet of his drug use in the 80’s.

        He was always ready to ‘be on’ with anyone he met, even chance encounters, anywhere, as though by making everyone around him giddy he could quash his own depression.

  2. Max

    I may just be a time-traveling lurker warping by this strip on my weird journey between the future and the past, but I DO need to point out that in spite of Mr. Zorilla’s comically obvious failings of character he IS the only common factor between his two children, both highly empathic and deeply moral. So either there’s more to him than meets the eye, or… uhhhh… he’s got exceptional taste in women, I suppose…?

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