11/13/17 Start from the Ending


In case anyone wanted an epilogue trying up of loose ends from book #1, there you go. 🙂


  1. Leinglo

    A better defensive argument on Nogg’s part would’ve been to simply claim “a few drinks” for his people usually takes several weeks. Mauricio still probably wouldn’t have bought it, but it would’ve been a better argument.

  2. andreas

    You’d think Nogg would be used to losing crew members at this point … that he isn’t speaks for him in a way… and the mission was moderately successful with even a lot of survivors, overall arguably a better record than before.

    Though Nogg may want to explore ways of morning that involve less intoxicants per interstellar unit of fluid (did the GOB finally go metric or are they still using venguvian imperial goobs (8.4 hoots to the gloob, 1.36 gloobs per shot, 4 times negative square root of pi gloobs to the voidlglup))?

  3. Herandar

    To be fair, he honestly thought he and his entire crew were doomed, and he managed to only lose the mopey emo suicidal guy. By Nogg’s standards, the mission was an unqualified success.

  4. Efogoto

    To be super fair, had Mauricio actually died, Nogg would have exactly the same number of fatalities as the first mission, and the person overcome by technology on this mission is the same as the person who “died” so he even reduced how many got “ruined”. By sheer numbers, a much better outcome.

      1. Efogoto

        Sure. Last time out, a group of (rightly) resentful Eebs torched multiple planets. This time, a Kreebrick (that could have destroyed the universe) died. There was way less damage this time, and it had the potential to be far worse.

  5. Peter Rogan

    Damn it, Nogg, you were borderline likeable. Not terribly competent but you picked crews that found ways to work together, with one genuine saint among both of them. And they got the job done.

    Now you’ve muffed things — very, very badly, and from the start. No more hope for YOU, fish-man. All that rolls from this point is on your head, and yours alone. Ah, Nogg, would that you could see how deeply you’ve riven my heart.

  6. Jude

    Entire sticky bun about to disappear in panel 1…
    Mauricio’s raised eyebrow and “Not quite.” in panel 4…
    ‘I’m nice now’ shirt in panel 6…
    And bag-of-snakes-Nogg behind Devyat and Anesu mourning along with the rest in panel 8. Love the details!

    As for Nogg’s character, while I think he felt genuinely bad losing Mauricio, getting ridiculously drunk just *might* be how someone who’s not that deep deals with it. Nogg’s the person you don’t mind as an acquaitance as long as you can limit how much time around him and on your own terms. Unfortunately for his crew, they don’t get much choice.

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