11/29/17 Waffling Indecision


  1. Jude

    So it seems Joyce’s kids have their own lives and Ireland won’t have snakes …for now at least.

    Dear Bikkie! I’m not exactly sure I can describe (even for myself) what his voice sounds like, but I can ‘hear’ it when read his comments. In fact, it occurred to me that each of the characters has their own voice in my mind. It’s a sure sign of a good writer when that happens. Your characters truly come to life.

  2. Nathan

    I did it, I’ve caught up! Through the original Spacetrawler and Anna Galactica and now up to the current comic-and I loved every bit of it, man this is a fantastic webcomic! Christopher Baldwin, you are officially my hero.

    Also, really glad to see that Coyote is still here making comments-each strip I would scroll down just to read Coyote’s snarky remarks; keep it up!

  3. Coyoty

    “I *told* you the pod guy looked familiar!”

    And an adventure pops up. And Joyce easily changes her mind about Earth. I don’t think she really wanted to go back, but assumed everyone else did and made an excuse for their sake. She welcomed an opportunity to go back on going back.

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