11/27/17 On Everyone’s Mind


Ahhhh, the new bridge. I think it turned out pretty well.

Saturday was super pleasant. We’ve been trying to get to Independence lake, which is fairly close, but kind of hard to get to by foot (or so we’ve discovered). And so, on Saturday, two friends came up from Reno and we took the long circuitous drive there, and it was windy and chilly and super beautiful. And I had a great time even though I sat around doodling, journaling, and writing letters since my foot wasn’t up for hiking around the lake. Then we went home and ate the pot pies we’d pre-made the day before and played gin rummy. A perfect day.

independence lake


    1. Kaidah

      Just adds more support for my theory from last week that it’s a new ship, bought when spacetrawlers were outlawed. 😉

      You’re right though, it does look a bit sparse with no accoutrements to liven the place up.

  1. TB

    This strip displays the famous Oz Fallacy, where everyone realizes that if Dorothy were a normal human being she would have said “go back to KANSAS? Are you frigging kidding me?”

    It should be noted that in later Oz books, Dorothy happily hauled Aunt Em and Uncle Henry back to Oz, which was the sensible solution to begin with. Some kind of chain migration thing.

  2. Night-Gaunt49

    Ah, yes, what do you do after experiencing all that extraordinary environments? How can you adjust knowing there is so much out there to explore, know, and experience? How many would want to hurry back to mundanity? Some would. Others would choose to find some way to stay because they had such a profound change in their outlook that normal existence on Earth was out of the question.

    I would be reluctant to go back knowing I would probably be stranded there never to go out into the wider galaxy again. Also that no one would believe that they saved not just our own galaxy, but the entire freaking universe!

  3. Peter Rogan

    Hmmp. A modified Topeka situation.

    Everyone followed Joyce’s lead because she’s the one who wanted to go home, and she presumed she was not alone. The others followed because Joyce is a natural leader, and only later did they realize that NONE of them (including our Laufian slinten pod friend) really wanted or needed to go home. Or to Earth, since it’s not Devyat’s home and Laufian bag-o-snakes there now shows it only cares for mass cooperation — without it, it’s just another pod ‘o confusion. Lack of consensus must be actually painful to it, or them, or what, or who-the-hell-cares.

    Situation destabilizing. Plot device senses….. tingling!

  4. Coyoty

    They’re all going to Earth whether they like it or not. Pilot’s been paid to go to Earth, and unless an unexpected adventure pops up, that’s their stop. But a talking kangaroo and an eeb-human would have made a lot of news on Earth, and if Zorilla hadn’t heard about it or been visited by them paying respects for Mauricio, I guess an adventure pops up.

    1. TB

      Unfortunately for Bikkie, he won’t be a “talking kangaroo” to anyone that doesn’t have the translator implant. We’re not even sure Devyat speaks any Earth languages, although it’s possible her father taught her Russian. I don’t recall if he knew English.

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