03/05/18 – Alleviating Boredom




In case anyone forgot who these four are — I think this sums things up pretty well.


  1. Coyoty

    So at storytelling time, Jabby is either neutralized, or not. We haven’t seen Jabby mete justice yet after capturing Nogg and Zorrilla, so Devyat might have succeeded. If not, then I worry *she* has been neutralized.

  2. Meran

    Getting into Canada has rarely been a problem; it’s getting back into the US! Even with passports… they’re all about “what about this artwork? Where’d you get it? Are you SURE you made it? But where did the supplies come from?” Etc. And more of ~~that!

    I’ve heard, and experienced such horror stories ??

    Good luck!

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