03/07/18 – Bikkie and Books




(apologies the delayed posting, for some reason it didn’t go up on schedule)

Had a good day. Drew all day, and made a cribbage board in the evening. Cedra made pastries. Then we watched an episode of Poirot. It’s a good life.


  1. Rikard


    Poor Bikkie, maybe he has realised that his life is like a Matrioshka; from the womb to the grave it’s all cages of different sizes…

    Greetings from Sweden,
    Rikard, ex teacher

  2. Gregg Eshelman

    Ah, Poirot. I just watched the latest movie version of “Murder on the Orient Express”. 4 films, an episode of Poirot, and a radio version have been done of that 1934 book.

    Amazing there are people who don’t know how it turns out.

  3. Jude

    “But Piiiiiilot, Bikkie want bloodletting NOW!”
    “…anyone’s blood! Are you sure you don’t have someone who’d be willing to bleed a little?”

  4. Muzhik

    LOOOOVVVVE frame 8! Bikkie’s expression SO captures the pre-teen angst at having to actually DO something. Reminds me of my youngest daughter in learning math and being told she had to show her work.

    (Note: she ALWAYS got the right answer. She just *knew* the answer. She just hated having to go back and show us benighted sluggards what steps she took to get the answer. FWIW, she is now getting ready to finish her final semester before getting her BS in math and physics. And she STILL hates showing her work. But it was sure fun sitting with her watching “Interstellar”.)

  5. Gabe

    Am I missing something? I went back and read Bikkie’s introduction, he wasn’t mentally enhanced. just chipped to understand all language. Ar we believing here that Kangaroos are smart enough to read books and contemplate philosophy, if they could just understand them?

    Is this suspension of disbelief or did I miss some sci fi intervention here.

    1. Muzhik

      Let’s put it this way: be prepared to duck when walking through this script. Someone (I’m looking at YOU, Christopher!) needs to tighten those guy wires. The disbelief is hanging too low, and someone is going to rush in and BAM! out cold on the floor, a victim of insufficiently suspended disbelief.

      You’ve been warned.

    2. Coyoty

      I think that part of the translation is inserting the basic concepts behind the words as well. Bikkie would understand what books and reading are even though he probably wouldn’t have encountered them before as a boxing kangaroo. As his vocabulary grows, his knowledge of the world will grow. Likewise, anything he says in kangaroo terms will be translated to the others with the concepts attached, to their chagrin.

  6. Peter Rogan

    There’s a refreshing simplicity to Bikkie’s approach to life and most problems. That he himself wants to broaden his palette speaks well to me of his character, however tedious the journey. But I admit I shall mourn the loss of his simplicity, even if it was only a transparent mask to this most compelling of marsupials. He will beat books senseless to get what he needs from them, and come away with a new blade or two to his Swiss Army Knife of interpersonal tools. I do believe that Bikkie WILL find a way to punch his way to enlightenment.

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