03/12/18 – Hwan Reflects




I read or write letters in the morning. With daylight savings it was too dark, and so I lit a candle. How can light, simply light, take one’s breath away?

morning writing


  1. TB

    “How can light, simply light, take one’s breath away?”

    That view out your window might be part of it.

    I light a candle in my garage office, and somehow it doesn’t take my breath away. Although it does make things smell a bit better.

  2. Jude

    “How can light, simply light, take one’s breath away?” Easy, if you’re a moth and you fly too close. Actually, when it’s dark, the warm light from a candle always beats the blue-white light of LEDs. Ever notice that people sitting by a campfire always look at the dancing flames? Supposedly, in the old West, looking into the flames was a bad idea. If something came up behind you, you’d be temporarily blinded and unable to react if there was danger.

    My favourite Bag-of-Snakes is back! I’m contantly amused when people respond to him as if talking to pseudo-Mauricio was entirely normal. Nice to see Anesu won Hwan’s shades too. It shows he really does have eyes after all. ????

  3. Peter Rogan

    Making light in the darkness may not be the miracle that bringing life into existence through pregnancy and birth is, but it still is a minor human miracle. The simplest reminder that civilization is worth it.

  4. Coyoty

    When the clothes are part of your bodies, it would be very uncomfortable. Hwan would be very uncomfortable too, being covered in snakes pretending to be clothes.

    “How can light, simply light, take one’s breath away?” It’s using up your oxygen.

  5. Night-Gaunt49

    “How can light, simply light, take one’s breath away?”

    It is entwined with enlightenment either through scientific discovery or religious epiphany one can get illuminated from a crowing moment of understanding. We need light to see at night. Our night vision isn’t very good. A beacon of civilization for Humanity.

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